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   Chapter 1882 Roy

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Black life vitality gushed out of the Skyland warriors as they rushed into the sky, condensing into black javelins and shooting towards Zen.

The life vitality that the Skyland warriors were using seemed to remain at a 'visualization' level. But they were putting this skill to its maximum use.

These javelins were sharp but they weren't enough to injure Zen.

The black javelins rained down upon Zen.

At the sudden attacks, Zen clenched his fists that began to emit a blinding light, at which the javelins exploded into smithereens with the thundering sounds.

Seeing that Isaiah was about to resist his powers, Zen flew towards him, grabbed his wings, and pulled Isaiah to stand before him like a shield for protection.

The group of Skyland warriors didn't dare throw their javelins now that Isaiah was directly in the line of fire. They glared at Zen before they started cursing him to no end.

"No one dares make a move in our race!"

"Put Isaiah down. This is a capital offense in our race!"

"It's not too late for you to just kneel and beg for mercy. We do not like to kill. Of course, you might still survive if we gouge out your eyes and put you in the dungeon for a hundred years. Either way, you have to suffer the torment. So don't make any mistakes!"

Zen rolled his eyes at this.

The Skyland race was not cultured and developed so well, and Zen wondered where they had learned these words. These reckless and rude remarks had rendered Zen speechless and annoyed.

These threats might have been effective on anyone else, but to Zen, they were mere jokes.

"They're right. Let go of me and you will still have a chance to live. But if you don't, no one can save you. The Skyland race controls this place, so you should behave yourself," Isaiah said coldly. The Skyland warriors were arrogant, so he had felt utterly humiliated when Zen had grabbed his wings, which was a huge taboo in the Skyland race. Isaiah really wanted to beat Zen to death. But he didn't dare behave recklessly since Zen was controlling him at the moment.

"Really? I just want to see who has the right and the guts to take my life," Zen said with a smile.

Noticing that their threats had no effect, the Skyland warriors in the sky exchanged glances before finally deciding to call for reinforcements.

Lucille and the others were upset and worried.

How would Zen be able to deal with the mighty masters of the Skyland race when they arrived on the scene?

But when they saw that Zen was still looking calmly, hope bubbled up in their hearts. Was it possible that he had other cards up his sleeve?

It was not long before a new group of Skyland warriors arrived. When they found Isaiah trapped in Zen's hands, they merely stood guard in the air. Calm and comp

d and shouted, "Run!"

All the martial artists from other races felt that something bad was about to happen. Roy's full strength was on par with that of a Supreme Lord. Moreover, the power of the life vitality covered a vast area. If they stayed here, they would inevitably be injured.

So all the warriors rose into the air, wanting to avoid injury.

But at this precise moment, a large group of Skyland warriors rushed over.

One of them said, "Roy, stop!"

The voice came from far away, but it was transmitted through the life vitality and resounded in everyone's ears.

Roy was furious and no one could persuade him to stop. But there was one person who could make Roy listen to him: Kaydan, the head of the Skyland race.


Roy glared indignantly at Zen. He could let him live a while longer, but he would definitely kill him sometime.

Lone, Kurt, and Lucille were even more worried as they saw that all the senior leaders of the Skyland race were gathered here. They were afraid that Zen might not be able to escape his doom this time.

They might also be punished and that wasn't a thought they were fond of.

With Kaydan in the lead, this group of warriors, including Chapman and other Collapsing Mountain warriors, landed on the platform.

Almost everyone, except Laquisha, now thought that Zen was about to receive a severe punishment.

Even Roy had the exact same thought.

However, Kaydan's next words confused Roy to no end.

"Zen, why didn't you inform me before going to cultivate in the Tidal Surge? Why did you cause such a commotion?" Kaydan asked calmly.

Roy was puzzled and surprised. He could not figure out who Zen was and why their head was so respectful to him.

He wasn't the only one who was shocked. Even Isaiah, who Zen had captured, was stunned as he exchanged glances with his father.

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