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   Chapter 1881 Discrimination

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Zen almost rolled his eyes--he wasn't interested in seizing the platform at all. While the Pristine Life Vitality was quite mysterious as it was similar to the strength source, it was completely meaningless to him.

Moreover, he didn't have any reason to help Laquisha, who had even stirred up trouble on purpose.

However, Quentin had been too overbearing and had compromised Lucille and the others. Thus, Zen had no choice but to take action.

Silence hung like a thick blanket on the platform, as the warriors looked on in disagreement.

The tension was palpable. After all, this group of people had been quite dominant even in the divine land.

It was simply because they thought that the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land wasn't anything special. They didn't expect that an arrogant secondary creature like Zen would be there as well.

They could temporarily stop the absorption of the Pristine Life Vitality, but they'd be humiliated if they left just like that. It was truly embarrassing to be driven away by a secondary creature, and they would become laughing stocks if this matter spread to the divine land in the future.

Then again, they had no other choice.

Now, Zen could easily defeat warriors like Quentin. Warriors of his caliber were no match for Zen at all.

It wasn't long before a warrior from another race took the initiative to leave the platform with a dejected look on his face.

After that, the rest of the warriors followed suit.

After a blink of an eye, all the warriors on the platform were gone. The only ones left were Zen, Lucille, Kurt, Lone, and the two girls from the Han Clan.

"You have to leave as well," Zen muttered to Laquisha and her sister.

Laquisha was stunned. "Why are you driving me away?" she said in a shaky voice.

Meanwhile, Laquisha's sister cast her a helpless look. She didn't expect that the person her sister found to help her would drive her away as well.

"All of this started because of you--but since I've taken this platform, I get to decide who stays behind," Zen coldly responded.

"I'm not leaving," Laquisha said and pursed her lips. She didn't care about the black crystals. She only asked him to teach Quentin a lesson and now that he was about to drive her away, she felt quite embarrassed.

Lone tried to persuade Zen and said, "Zen, it doesn't matter if these two stay. The platform has enough Pristine Life Vitality."

Everyone left behind had witnessed the whole process. Although they didn't know what Laquisha and Quentin's relationship was, they had a rough guess based on the talk they had heard. The most important thing was that Lone had learned about the Han Clan's position in the divine land through his broken sword.

It was one thing for Zen to have already offended Quentin, but Laquisha seemed to have fallen in love with Zen. No matter what their relationship was, Zen couldn't offend another big clan

is fiery eyes grew stronger. Isaiah was a bit flustered at this unexpected outcome. Would Zen really dare to fight him?

Isaiah wasn't exceptionally strong in the Skyland race and was merely on par with the Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists. He had been hiding and when he witnessed Zen's divine might just now, he knew that he was no match for Zen. Thus, he quickly decided to rely on the Skyland race.

But he never thought that Zen wasn't afraid of the Skyland race at all!

Everyone in the Skyland race already knew about the Collapsing Mountain race's visit, but due to the strict hierarchy within the race, they didn't know that Zen also came along with the Collapsing Mountain race, nor did they know that Zen was the flame-proof warrior.

Isaiah was even more unaware that Zen had humiliated Kaydan, the head of the Skyland race, yesterday.

It was because Isaiah wasn't a significant figure in the Skyland race. Why would Zen be afraid of him then?

Zen got closer to Isaiah, and his aura became more powerful. Panic started to show on Isaiah's face while two of the Skyland race's clansmen began to retreat.

"You... This is the Skyland race. Whoever doesn't follow the rules will..." Isaiah stuttered. The truth was, he wasn't confident enough and he was full of regret. If he had known that this would happen, he would've asked the elders to come.

"I will be expelled, right? You have repeated that several times," Zen said with a smile. "Then let's see if you have the ability to do so!"

As soon as Zen had finished speaking, he immediately sped up and made the first move.

These warriors of the Skyland race previously came to the platform in all their arrogant glory, but now they fled away in panic like a flock of disturbed birds.

However, Isaiah couldn't escape since he was the group's leader. His eyes widened in horror as Zen forcefully gripped his collar and smashed him onto the platform.

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