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   Chapter 1880 Throwing Them All Into The Water

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"What kind of expression is that?"

A crowd of foreign warriors from the divine land hadn't yet noticed Laquisha, but her younger sister had.

For reasons still unknown, her sister's expression felt quite strange to her.

Laquisha stared at her little sister and laughed dryly, "You'll understand soon enough, my little sister."

"Understand what?" asked the purple-robed woman, curiously.

Laquisha didn't take the time to explain.

Instead she thought to herself, 'If only Zen could just kill Quentin Qin - there will be no better solution. It will save us the future trouble and also cut off my innocent little sister's naive thoughts!'

Ever since they entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, these two sisters had been going at it like cats and dogs!

The Qin Clan was of the same level power with the Han Clan, and it had been such a long time since they'd heard of Quentin's notoriety, Laquisha included.

Both the Qin and the Han Clans had been married for generations. However, Laquisha had no desire of entrusting her sister to Quentin. With so many geniuses in the Qin Clan, any one of them could be considered much more reliable than this fellow.

Quentin had observed Zen long enough, and noticing that he hadn't moved in a while, he decided that he had had enough. He could no longer hold himself back!

As the life vitality within his entire body surged at once, the thin, long sword in his hand suddenly rose up. His killing intent had been stirred, and right now, he lacked any trace of pity. There was no stopping him!

His sword was extremely fast, and as he thrust it out, it flowed forward smoothly.

At the same time as his sword flung forward, the surrounding vitality between heaven and earth crazily surged together. Even the black water below the crowd was constantly rippling with energy.


The sword flipped into an upright position and in the blink of an eye, it was already before Zen.

Unfortunately, Quentin had underestimated Zen.

If Quentin had been even slightly aware of Zen's strength and power, he would have never acted in such a way.

Instead, he would use the supreme primordial weapon in his hand. He'd probably unleash the great Wishing Spell while he was at it, too. He was going to use his strongest powers to fight against Zen.

Of course, if he had known about Zen's performance in the Collapsing Mountain race, he would have simply turned around and run in the opposite direction. How would he have chosen to fight against Zen, then?

The key point was that Zen's cultivation at the Spirit Supreme Realm was too bewitching. In Quentin's current opinion, such an opponent was only a matter of a single sword attack. Even if he had only used a bit of his strength, he felt that killing Zen should be more than enough.

This sort of contempt came with a hefty price tag!

When this new sword appeared only a few feet before him, Zen only gently waved his hand. Two of his fingers formed what looked like a pair of scissors and his eyes revealed a trace of ridicule.

In a matter of seconds, Zen's fingers had already clamped onto the blade.

Without a single stop or a moment of hesita

k water, his golden axe still attached to his back disappearing into the black water along with him…

That was when Zen suddenly spun himself around and swept his gaze across the remaining warriors. "I'm not that cruel. And I don't really want to cut off your feet. You want to get out of here by yourself?" Zen asked faintly. "Or should I send you off?"

Everyone, and everything, fell absolutely silent once again.

"You've proved yourself. You deserve your name. I should have thought of that long ago…" Lone let out a long, hearty sigh.

Lone had admitted long ago that Zen was a demon. In fact, the broken sword in his hand was actual proof of such. And yet, he could never have expected that still, even now, he was underestimating this fellow…

Lucille and Kurt were ready to make their moves.

However, before they could do anything at all, Zen had quickly taken care of everything going on in front of him.

It was hard for the two to describe exactly how they were feeling right now!

The speed at which Lucille and Kurt entered the sacred place was extremely fast. Through absorbing the Pristine Life Vitality, they also felt that their improvement occurred at great speeds. Now that they saw the method Zen displayed, their originally somewhat swollen self-confidence was severely damaged.

If Lucille's and Kurt's improvements were quick, then Zen's improvements moved at incredible rates. The two were incomparable.

However, their hearts were still filled with worry.

Zen currently beat this group of foreign warriors and threw them all into the water, but the Skyland race would not sit idly by. He had no power or influence in this Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, how could the Skyland race members allow Zen to behave so atrociously here?

If the people of the Skyland race were to blame him, what would come of Zen? No matter how powerful he truly was, it was impossible for him to fight against the Skyland race alone, right?

Together, the three of them grew more worried. And yet, they couldn't help but feel a sense of warmth. Zen's actions had finally helped them all out!

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