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   Chapter 1879 Killing Intent

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Quentin referred to Zen's "Primal Chaos Technique", when he spoke about the method Zen had used. But the truth was, Quentin couldn't cultivate this technique and there was no way Zen would hand it over just like that.

So, instead of wasting his time dealing with Quentin, Zen just chose not to respond to his words.

Now, he had no intention of leaving the platform at all.

Quentin had made a temporary rule so that Zen could speak up.

However, he didn't expect the cocky attitude from Zen and he was taken aback by the latter's insolent response to his request.

Even the lady and the warriors in Quentin's entourage were dumbfounded at Zen's lack of respect towards Quentin. They couldn't comprehend what he meant and to top it all, they were stunned at his guts to stay on the platform.

"What do you mean?" Quentin asked again, giving Zen a chance to take back what he said.

But Zen had enough of this man's self-entitlement. His aura had noticeably increased, and his facial expression changed drastically as well. He chuckled, "I'm surprised that you can't understand. All I am saying is… I will be staying on this platform and you need to get your asses out of here right now. If you insist on staying, I have no choice but to cut your feet off!"

Even an idiot could easily understand the situation.

There was a moment of silence on the platform...

Meanwhile, those words that Zen had spoken gave his three companions quite a scare. Lone's and Kurt's eyes widened in shock;

while Lucille was hyperventilating. Her cheeks began to blush and her whole body was shaking.

Out of these three warriors, Lucille was the most aggressive and ready to act when needed. However, she knew they had no chance of winning against these people from the divine land. There was nothing she could do earlier but suppress her anger.

But after she heard Zen's words, she felt alive again. The valiant look on Zen's face melted her heart. Zen had not changed even after coming out of the universe.

His spirit and confidence were also contagious. She could feel it radiating from his aura. Could it be that Zen had obtained another trump card?

Back in the Illusion Battlefield, Lucille and the others had seen all of Zen's trump cards.

However, this was not the universe, but the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. The only warriors who could take the test were the elites of the various universes and powerhouses from the divine land. Was Zen confident to confront Quentin?

But wait…

Zen just said that he wanted to occupy this platform.

Aside from Quentin, there were other experts on this platform from other universes and the divine land.

If Zen wanted this platform all to himself, it could only mean that he was confident in dealing with everyone on this platform!

But Lucille wasn't certain if her deductions were right.

It would all depend on how formidable Zen's trump card was. But deep down, she was hoping that her deductions were correct...

Quentin was stunned and could not react for a while. But when he came back to his senses, his handsome face gradually twisted.

His eyes widened and he smirked. "Ha-ha-ha!'

And suddenly, he burst into laughter like a maniac in front of Zen.

His laugh echoed throughout the platform and the dozens of warriors

ay, he couldn't care less if these foreign warriors died.

Including Collapsing Mountain race, the six races had hidden grudges for these warriors from other races. To them, the foreign warriors were parasites in their cultivation sacred places. The warriors from the six races considered these places as rightfully theirs, and the foreign warriors were slowly taking something away from them.

Looking at Zen, Quentin looked devilish and ferocious. "I will let you live if you hand over that method to refine Pristine Life Vitality and destroy your cinnabar field and Path Platforms by your own!"

Quentin already knew that Zen was a cultivator who cultivated both body and life vitality. The most essential thing for a body refiner of his current stage was the Path Platforms, while the most essential thing for a cultivator who cultivated life vitality was the cinnabar field. It would be a disaster for a cultivator who cultivated both body and life vitality, if both were destroyed.

"Just hand it over and you'll live to see another day. Otherwise, you'll die!"

"Once Master Qin acts, there's no way he'll stop!"

"Your method isn't that great. Just hand it over! It's better in the hands of Master Qin!"

The warriors behind Quentin clamored.

But none of them truly understood how bizarre Zen's method of refining the Pristine Life Vitality was. Since Zen was considered as a secondary creature, his methods were also seen the same way. They thought Zen only had advantages on Pristine Life Vitality refining, although his methods might be clever.

They didn't know that Zen had never used any method to refine the Pristine Life Vitality. He had refined so much Pristine Life Vitality just by using the chaotic energy.

At this moment, everyone hoped that Quentin could obtain this method from Zen. If Quentin would like to share that method with them, each of them could occupy a platform. Eventually, they could monopolize and obtain all the resources from all platforms above the Tidal Surge.


Laquisha took another black crystal and stuffed it in her mouth as she watched the scene unveiled. She glanced at the group of idiots and shook her head in disappointment.

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