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   Chapter 1878 Threat And Enticement (Part Two)

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The Skyland race differed fundamentally from the Collapsing Mountain race in terms of cultivation methods, because Skyland race cultivated through the Pristine Life Vitality and Collapsing Mountain race cultivated by the strength force.

Since the Collapsing Mountain race only refined their bodies, just infusing the strength source was fine. Besides, they had sufficient food supplies and they didn't need the help from other races. Therefore, this race treated all other races equally and rarely favored one, except Zen.

The Skyland race, on the other hand, had a great demand for cultivation methods and even weapons from the divine land. Other races from the divine land naturally catered to the Skyland race's likes, and there was no exception for Qin Clan. Thus, the Skyland race took special care of warriors like Quentin Qin.

Quentin Qin thought that he could overwhelm Zen with his strength, and with the help of the Skyland race, where could these people run? If they dared escape from Skyland race, that would be even better. The Qin Clan had been placed in position of power in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, so they could do whatever they wanted!

As she saw that Quentin Qin was about to make his move, Lucille's pupils suddenly constricted. The killing intent that was hidden in the depths of her heart ignited.

Kurt stood with one palm erect, and the strength of his other hand that was holding the monk staff increased slightly!

Compared to the other two, Lone understood the warriors from the divine land a bit more. After all, the broken sword in his hand originated from the divine land. He knew that it would be a futile attempt if they were to make a move against Quentin Qin at th

Eight Path Platforms, and focused it entirely in his forefinger. This finger was only three inches away from Laquisha's forehead, and she instantly felt an enormous pressure!

If Zen had flicked out his finger, her entire head would have been pulverized and there was no doubt that she would have died in an instant!

Feeling this pressure, Laquisha's face was drained of color. She saw that Zen's expression was deathly serious, and it didn't seem like he was joking.


Zen flicked his finger, and it landed on Laquisha's forehead.

At that moment, Laquisha had been scared half to death.

However, Zen's ability to control his strength had already reached its peak. Other than the nine stars power that he could not fully control yet, it could be said that he had proficient control of his strength.

The moment he flicked his finger, all of the power dissipated. It only left a faint red mark on her forehead!

Zen turned around and took a deep breath. He smiled to Quentin Qin and said, "On this platform, I have to break both my legs before I can leave. This rule is indeed interesting, but what if I don't want to leave?"

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