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   Chapter 1877 Threat And Enticement (Part One)

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When Quentin Qin suddenly announced a new rule, the other warriors on the platform shared knowing smiles.

Anyone who was qualified to enter this platform for Pristine Life Vitality refinement most probably had an extraordinary background.

The warriors were angry that Zen had nabbed away the Pristine Life Vitality produced by this round of Tidal Surge. But if this man was wise enough and left the Pristine Life Vitality behind, then he wouldn't cause too much trouble. They hadn't actually lost anything.

They were still in the territory of the Skyland race after all. It was true that many forces from the divine land tried their best to make friends with the Skyland race. Even though they had gained in convenience from the Skyland race, it was impossible for them to be too arrogant and despotic here.

Quentin Qin suddenly invented such a rule. Smart as they, these warriors immediately understood what his real purpose was.

It was not his goal to chop off the feet of these fellows.

They were just a few secondary creatures. Who the hell knew where these creatures originated? What was the point in chopping off their feet? He thought it troublesome to do so even once.

As for what these secondary creatures had in their hands, they didn't even care about at all.

The only thing that caught their eyes was the method that Zen had displayed just now!

When one stood on the platform, a divine texture would appear at one's feet upon appearance of the Tidal Surge.

No one knew who set up these platforms in the first place. However, this was the only known way to extract Pristine Life Vitality from these divine textures.

The size of the platform and one's strength would determine how many black crystals would be refined.

The warriors on this platform were mostly from the divine lan

g. We won't take away all of this Pristine Life Vitality, so why is it such a serious matter?"

However, Quentin Qin's expression was nothing but serious. A bit of malice made the corner of his mouth lift. "I, Quentin Qin, have never joked about such an important matter. How can you, a secondary creature, have the ability to ascend this platform?"

As he finished his words, he waved his hand gently. A bit of life vitality condensed slowly and formed a sword that was as thin as a cicada's wing. "Are you going to chop off your feet by yourself, or should my blade make you confess?"

The sword light was discreet and contained a hidden sharpness. However, Quentin Qin did not have the slightest intent to kill. In his eyes, these secondary creatures were insignificant beings that would surrender if intimidated!

However, he still had to assume a fighting posture as if he meant it. Otherwise, how could he use this as a threat to interrogate Zen?

If these people really didn't know what was good for them, then Quentin Qin had another plan in mind. If he ended up killing these people, the Skyland race shouldn't cause any trouble for him. After all, the Skyland race still needed the Qin Clan...

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