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   Chapter 1876 The Rule

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What Zen didn't know was that by setting foot on the largest platform, he was violating an unwritten rule, something very taboo.

Although the six great sacred places were all equals, the one in the Skyland race was undoubtedly the most popular!

It wasn't just because of the great number of warriors that cultivated their life vitality here, but most importantly, the Pristine Life Vitality cultivated by the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land that was extremely famous in this divine land.

Absorbing Pristine Life Vitality here was the equivalent of being a Holy Being's personal disciple. Truly of utmost importance.

In the vast divine land, not many Holy Beings had taken outsiders as their personal disciples.

And for this reason, the Skyland race had slowly become an important place in the eyes of the most powerful. Such individuals had been thinking of ways to occupy a seat in the Skyland race.

The status of those people on Zen's platform were also considered high within the divine land!

They had occupied the largest platform, and who would dare fight against them?

Everyone knew that this platform had tons of Pristine Life Vitality, but they could do nothing but be envious. For most of them, joining this platform was impossible, they simply didn't have the qualifications.

Leading by Laquisha, Zen had stepped onto this popular and important platform.

Had Zen set foot here at any other time of day, he would have been attacked at once. In groups, the warriors would have come at him ruthlessly. Any warrior whose desire to join this platform was great enough would have to pay an even greater price.

However, Zen and Laquisha's arrival on this platform just happened to coincide with the start of the Tidal Surge.

It meant that at the time, everyone was busy refining their Pristine Life Vitality, which was a kind of precious black crystal.

Of course, this didn't mean that Zen was totally off the hook. They could only wait to deal with him until they had completely extracted all the Pristine Life Vitality. Every bit of Pristine Life Vitality was considered incomparably important, and no one here was willing to waste it. Not even to punish Zen.

In their opinion, it wasn't an urgent or pressing matter because Zen and Laquisha could only refine ten or twenty crystals of Pristine Life Vitality. That wasn't much and they didn't really care because they'd just make them obediently hand them over later.

But they were very, very wrong. And the result was far beyond any of their expectations…

The Skyland race actually had their own personal reasons for setting up such divine textures on these platforms. It came down to the fact that this place was still considered sacred for cultivation. Only with competition and confrontation, everyone would speed up their refining speed.

The person who poured the most life vitality normally refined the most Pristine Life Vitality. One went hand in hand with the other.

At the approaching tide, all the black water would gather towards the pillar beneath the platform. The pillar was made of a special type of mater

tmosphere wasn't right. Looking outward, they noticed a large pile of black crystals sitting next to a single warrior, while the others had very few. Who was this guy? Why was he so amazing?

Upon taking a closer look, the warrior's figure began to look familiar. Was that really Zen? Uh oh! He had gotten himself into big trouble!

That was why Lone had hurried over. He first apologized to Young Master Qin.

Although the young master hadn't paid much attention to Zen up until now, and in fact, he had even told him to scram earlier, he was now changing his mind. The enormous pile of black crystals had really grabbed his attention. He sneered coldly at Lone and said, "You know the rules around here?"

"Not exactly. Please explain, Master Qin," said Lone. Lone caught Zen's eyes gloomy and mouth agape as if he wanted to speak. He quickly tugged at Zen, still smiling at the young master.

Watching the scene, Kurt and Lucille muttered to themselves, hearts heavy. 'Troublesome... this young man isn't going to be any good.'

These platforms belonged to the Skyland race. And although they were occupied by the divine land warriors, they didn't have any written 'rules'. Those that were completely unaware and jumped onto these platforms would usually be driven away by these divine land warriors. If any trouble-maker dared to defy them, they would be beaten up and thrown into the black waters below.

And now, since a rule had suddenly appeared, they knew that this fellow couldn't have any kind actions to share.

"Whoever steps onto this platform will first lose both their legs. That is the rule." Young Master Qin's face suddenly revealed a trace of malice. "If the four of you want to leave, then break your own legs!"

And naturally of course, the four people he was referring to were Zen, Lucille, Kurt and Lone.

He absolutely dared not to break Laquisha's feet!

Laquisha was listening in and when she heard this, she was immediately overjoyed. She was afraid that Zen would stop the incident and be dragged away, which wasn't a show she wanted to see.

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