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   Chapter 1875 Innocence (Part Two)

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He was definitely not one of Laquisha's henchmen to bid at her orders.

Laquisha curled her lips, revealing a bitter expression. But immediately her expression changed as if she had thought of a plan.

As he continued forward, Zen discovered that these mushroom-like platforms varied in size. The further he went, the bigger the mushrooms became.

At the same time, the fighters on the platforms looked stronger.

Finally, Laquisha brought Zen up with her and stepped onto a platform with a diameter of over a thousand feet. There were only over a hundred cultivators on this spacious platform, so they could move around freely on it.

The moment Zen jumped onto the platform, the warriors from other races glared at him with furious expressions!

Zen was slightly stunned after seeing their expressions.

However, at this moment, the black water below began to surge violently. A whirlpool appeared under every platform, and Zen's platform had the largest whirlpool.

Swishy swash!

The warriors who had been glaring at Zen and Laquisha, shifted their focus to the water as the intense sounds of waves crashing against each other echoed through the air.

The platform began to fill with round divine textures. At the feet of Zen and Laquisha, a divine texture had also appeared.

"Quickly, infuse your life vitality into the divine texture," Laquisha suggested.

"What for?" Zen asked cautiously.

"Just try it!" Laquisha urged at him.

By now Zen had already guessed something serious was going on. He was no fool. From the moment he had entered this place, the warriors on the platform had been on high alert.

It was evident that there was limited source in the platform. According to Zen's estimation, this kind of resource should b

ystals would appear next to each martial artist. Most people would choose to swallow them at the first possible moment.

The bigger the platform, the more black crystals it could extract!

Zen and Laquisha's platform was the largest. It was seven or eight times larger than the surrounding platforms. Because the number of warriors on this platform was less, each of the divine textures should have churned out around thirty to forty crystals

But on this platform, the hundred warriors including Laquisha, had yet to refine a single black crystal.

They were all glaring at Zen, as if they wanted nothing more than to kill him. But apart from anger, the warriors were also filled with wonder and disbelief.

The black crystals were being produced from the divine texture at Zen's feet. In the blink of an eye, the black crystals surrounding Zen piled up like a small mountain. There were probably four to five thousand of them!

Sensing the strong hatred from those people, Zen revealed an innocent smile on his face. He shrugged his shoulders apologetically, indicating that he didn't know how it happened. He didn't know what these black crystals were, either.

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