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   Chapter 1874 Innocence (Part One)

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There was a lavish spread for them, including all types of luscious fruits, juicy meat and different varieties of fragrant wines. As he savored them, Zen realized that this Skyland race really knew how to enjoy themselves.

These varied spread of delicacies could be credited to the women from the Skyland race who were extremely good at visualizing food. Their creativity with visualization had even surpassed Zen's imagination. He was amazed at their ability to combine taste and life vitality so perfectly.

All the warriors from the Collapsing Mountain race as well as from other races were also enjoying themselves; savoring each delicacy with delight.

If they finished the food on the plate, those girls would come back and close their eyes to meditate. They would transform life vitality into food, and it would be different delicacies every single time.

After their special meal, the Skyland race made arrangements for everyone to stay.

They decided that they would stay in the territory of the Skyland race for a few more days, until the Harmony race arrived. After that they would proceed with action.

Zen stayed in one of the pagodas and during the whole night of meditation, observed the development of his inner world.

Over the past two days, Zen had frequently used the power of the Nine Divine Stars. But of late those stars seemed to have dimmed a little.

However, as the chaotic sea surged, some traces of the chaotic energy were absorbed by the nine stars.

Chaos could transform into all things. Everything within the divine land evolved from chaos, including life vitality.

Holy Beings cultivated life vitality and turned it into the universe, hence everything in the universe evolved from life vitality. Therefore, it was expected for the nine stars to absorb chaotic energy.


y of them cultivated life vitality!

Most of the warriors that entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land would first look to enter the Skyland race's cultivation sacred place. Once they obtained the purple trial tally, they would enter this place at the first possible moment.

If Zen had been teleported to a normal place and obtained the purple trial tally, he probably wouldn't have chosen the Skyland race. After all, there was no need for him to cultivate life vitality.

As Zen and Laquisha entered, the warriors from the other races on the platforms glanced at them. When they looked at Zen, they were expressionless, but when they saw Laquisha, some of them frowned and revealed a trace of fear.

They were relieved when Laquisha did not go up the platforms.

"What are we doing here?" Zen looked confused.

"Just come with me," Laquisha said with a laugh. "But there's one thing I need your help with."

"What is it?" Zen asked.

"Help me beat up someone!" Laquisha said.

"No," Zen firmly refused. The woman had indeed helped him before, but Zen had only agreed to help her enter the Soul Suppressing Cliff. That was called for. And Zen had also saved her in the forest of giant trees.

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