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   Chapter 1873 Imagine All Kinds Of Delicacies

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Zen's question met a ringing silence from all the warriors of the Skyland race.

The Collapsing Mountain race guarded the strength source, while the Skyland race possessed the Pristine Life Vitality.

Everything in this Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was formed by life vitality. The Skyland race was where the vitality between heaven and earth had originated from.

With such a unique advantage, the Skyland race's talent in using the life vitality was far greater than that of the other races.

Their techniques of using life vitality to activate various laws were, obviously, ingenious.

As the leader of the Skyland race, Kaydan was undoubtedly very powerful. He had already activated the Fire Law and pushed it to its limit, but with no effect on Zen.

What was even more surprising was that Zen wasn't moving at all! It looked like he was withstanding Kaydan's flame effortlessly, cutting an impressive figure as he stood there.

It was obvious that Zen had never taken the Skyland race seriously.

It was at this moment that Kaydan started to believe Chapman's words. This guy really had obtained the title of wild king, and his real strength was perhaps even more than that.

But he had spoken so arrogantly to him before. And as the leader of the Skyland race, he was now caught in an embarrassing situation.

It was impossible for him to arrange an assassin to kill Zen. Chapman would be the first one to oppose it.

Seeing that the flame could do no harm to Zen, Kaydan had no choice but to make it dissipate. He then snorted and said, "I hope you really are as strong as Chapman has claimed! Or the Emerald Flame would have burned you to ashes!"

"You don't have to worry about that," Zen said with a soft chuckle. "Remember, I am only cooperating with the Collapsing Mountain race."

Kaydan's face darkened at his words, but Chapman continued to ease the situation. At the same time, he agreed with Zen, "That's right. Our Collapsing Mountain race and Zen are cooperating with each other. Kaydan, you shouldn't be so rude."

"Chapman, you!"

The Collapsing Mountain race had cooperated with an martial artist from another race? Kaydan doubted if Zen was powerful enough to work with them.

Even when Pascal had become the leader of the Collapsing Mountain race, many warriors in the race had opposed it. The six races in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land were essentially very xenophobic. For example, there were often warriors in the Collapsing Mountain race who demanded to seal off the Sacred Spring Mountain and forbid the martial artists of other races from entering it.

This had often happened in the Skyland race, Kaleidoscope race, and other races in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

But the rules of the six great sacred places for cultivation were set up by the prophets, and the prophets followed the orders of the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. It was impossible for them to attempt to change the rules.

So even though the six great races were xenophobic, they still had to unwillingly accept martial artists from other races to cultivate, and provide a

e spiritual projection technique to serve the purpose.

These beautiful women were the cooks of the Skyland race.

The spiritual projection technique they had cultivated since they were young was to imagine all kinds of delicacies.

The best food in the world was still in one's imagination. After all, people's imagination was a wonderful thing.

Under the constant training, the food they came up with through spiritual projection became exceptionally rare delicacies.

Of course, the food was only a mass of life vitality. It was similar to absorbing the vitality between heaven and earth when it was gulped down. The only difference was that it could satisfy one's appetite.

"Ha-ha! I miss the delicacies of the Skyland race every day. Although this food couldn't fill my stomach, its taste is first class! We'll eat this first, and then we'll divide the prey!" Chapman smiled, impatient to get his hands on the plate.

The Collapsing Mountain race didn't absorb life vitality. To them, eating all this food was the same as not eating it at all. But the delicacies of the Skyland race had always been tempting to them. They had had a good harvest in the journey through the Calamity Dispelling Forest. That prey could wait. What they wanted to do right now was satisfy their taste buds.

Once the woman of the Skyland race had finished her meditation, she turned to Zen and bowed. "Please enjoy your meal," she said and walked towards the next martial artist.

It wasn't long before every plate was filled with all sorts of delicacies.

Zen was curious since Chapman had praised the food so much. He took a few grapes and popped them into his mouth. Sweetness exploded on his tongue. The rich sweetness wasn't cloying but was completely different from what he had experienced before.

He swallowed the food and once it entered his stomach, Zen could feel it turn into life vitality that began to enter his inner world. But the moment it entered, it was instantly annihilated by the chaotic energy. His inner world had long since been unable to contain life vitality.

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