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   Chapter 1872 Asking In Reply

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The Skyland warriors were much more taciturn compared to the Collapsing Mountain warriors.

They finally entered the Skyland race's territory with the Skyland warriors' guidance.

There was no terrifying attraction force in the Skyland race's land but its buildings were rather strange.

Numerous towers littered the area and underneath was pitch-black marsh.

Quite a few people crouched on top of each tower with their white wings unfurled, forming a sea of feathers up high.

A few Skyland warriors would also graze the ground as they flew past.

While the Collapsing Mountain race focused on the relentless pursuit of strength, the Skyland race yearned for the skies and freedom.

Unfortunately, the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was a giant cave, so they could never really reach the skies. This was why the Skyland race loved hearing stories of the worlds beyond their land and welcomed warriors of other races.

All the stories and experiences of outsiders served to make the Skyland warriors excited for the sights outside of their knowledge but also envious since it was highly unlikely for them to ever experience the same thing.

The Skyland warriors were very much interested in exploring the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land and hoped to one day attain the opportunity to leave this cave.

It was no surprise that the Collapsing Mountain race was very warmly welcomed by the Skyland race.

The towers all around them were arranged in an orderly fashion but in differing heights. The height of each tower signified the status of the Skyland warriors that perched on each one.

The higher one's status was, the higher the tower was.

The highest was around ten thousand feet higher than the lowest.

It was in the tallest tower that the Skyland race hosted its visitors.

At nightfall, the Skyland warriors returned to their lair, led by a man who wore a golden crown. He was none other than the leader, Kaydan.

Kaydan immediately fixed his eyes on Zen the moment they were introduced.

Zen was a key figure and Kaydan felt it necessary for him to personally observe this person who had been much talked about by the Collapsing Mountain race.

He waved his hand lightly and a bright, yellow flame appeared in his hand.

Despite being a key figure, Zen was still a lowly Spirit Supreme Realm warrior in his eyes, so he was preparing to throw the flame on the young man directly.

This obviously displeased Zen. Nobody liked getting burned.

Kaydan's flame was transformed by the life vitality activated by the Law Power and looked very ingenious. Still, Zen remained unyielding. He was not afraid of it but he wasn't also going to let it burn him withou

ays under the influence of the divine land, so the difference between worlds and creatures wasn't too great. Kaydan believed that Zen was just an ordinary warrior like most of them and would also be burnt by the fire.

The Skyland members all waited for the result. They all thought that Zen was too arrogant and reckless for his own good. If he survived their leader's flame, then that meant he was truly fireproof. If not, then he deserved to burn to death.

Laquisha sat silently beside Zen. The flame which headed towards him looked stronger than the one from the Calamity Dispelling Wood. However, it was nothing compared to her special flame. There was no way it was going to harm him.

However, she also figured that Zen wasn't going to let the flame touch him at all anyway.

Zen stood on the spot, unmoving. However, in a split second, he activated the nine stars and let them flash.

He had already used one-third of the nine stars' strength that day and he discovered that that power wasn't something that could be obtained without limits. The more he used it, the dimmer the light became.

However, there was no need to use so much power anyway. Just thirty percent was enough to deal with the troublesome fiery snake.

This strength of the nine stars turned into a solid shield in front of him that devoured the fiery snake fully.

Kaydan pulled a long face. With a heavy swipe of his finger, he let out multiple fiery snakes all at the same time. Their color also changed from bright yellow to deep red. He wasn't pulling his punches this time around.

However, the result remained the same. Zen seemed to have an invisible wall in front of him that absorbed Kaydan's snake projectiles every time.

"Do I have the strength and qualifications?" Zen asked indifferently.

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