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   Chapter 1871 The Skyland Race

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As they peered straight into each other's eyes, Zen could feel enormous pressure weighing down on him.

But there was something else he noticed.

As he looked into the Black Weasel's eyes, apart from the oppressive sensation, Zen didn't pick up any killing intent.

If the Black Weasel was truly a spiritual pet nurtured by the Holy Being, then it had endless ways to kill him in a blink—it could probably take down everyone present in a single move.

But Zen had no idea what it was up to so he couldn't ignore his nervousness. By now, Chapman had already decided to give up on Zen.

The young man was too impulsive, but if he died in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the strength source he had obtained would return to this world.

After a long moment of staring at each other, the Black Weasel suddenly raised its head and roared into the sky. For a moment, it threw a glare at Zen with its red eyes before walking away, disappearing into the forest.

No one dared move even when the weasel's body had completely disappeared from view. Only when they heard the sound of heavy footsteps fading away did they feel relieved. "Huff…"

Though Chapman released a breath, his expression didn't look at ease. But as the leader, he couldn't just point a finger at Zen for risking their lives—he had to consider the situation as a whole.

But one of the members of the Collapsing Mountain race suddenly jumped up.

Nimble as an ape, he reached out his hand and aimed at Laquisha's head—he wanted to kill her on the spot.

The Collapsing Mountain race believed that Laquisha was Pascal's sister and they were aware of the Han Clan's status in the divine land.

The large Han Clan was on par with the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, but so what? If they couldn't leave the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, then everything else would have been for nothing.

So Zen was the Collapsing Mountain race's last hope. With this woman by his side, they'd all be in danger. "Aran! Don't be rash!" Chapman's expression turned alert.

Obviously, this warrior called Aran wasn't good-tempered as Chapman was.

Just now, they were almost killed by the Martial Sacred Beast because of this woman.

Now, all he wanted was to take Laquisha down. But he hadn't considered Zen's thoughts.

Luckily, before he got Laquisha within his reach, Kennan and his companions stood their ground in front of Laquisha and blocked Aran off. "Get out of my way!" Aran roared coldly.

"You're courting death!" Kennan hadn't expected the warrior to suddenly take action—they would not show mercy to him.

Among the warriors of the Collapsing Mountain race, Aran was on equal footing with Chapman in terms of strength. Although he couldn't carry a Heavenly Destiny in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, in terms of pure strength, Aran's was almost the same as that of a Supreme Lord who specialized in body refining.

Under the impact of his strong body, how could the world lords hope to block him?

With a mere touch from Aran, two of the wo

this mission.

Many years ago, the aboriginals of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land had already planned to take action numerous times, but now, the three races had joined their forces.

The Collapsing Mountain race had long since spread the news about Zen to the Harmony race and the Skyland race. They referred to Zen as the 'flame-proof warrior, ' attributing how he was unafraid of fire. He was the key to achieving their goals.

While the Collapsing Mountain race still refused to reveal what they wanted Zen to take for them, Chapman had guaranteed time and time again that the three races would do their best to protect Zen from harm.

The moment everyone made it across the river in the sky, they felt a strong wave of life vitality pass through them—they had reached the Skyland race's territory.

Here, warriors could cultivate Pristine Life Vitality and the Skyland race was a sacred place for warriors cultivating life vitality.

But the martial artists of the Collapsing Mountain race mainly focused on body refining. Some of them cultivated both body and life vitality, but still, they didn't have much interest in the Pristine Life Vitality of the Skyland race.

Zen's situation was a bit special—although he also had built his inner world, the life vitality within his body had been replaced by chaotic energy, rendering the place's life vitality useless to him.

But the attributes of chaotic energy and life vitality were rather similar. If the Skyland race had some special methods to use life vitality, Zen could still absorb and learn some of the methods.

Soon after they entered the territory of the Skyland race, several troops arrived to welcome them.

Their warriors had a build similar to that of human warriors. But their eyes were sunken, their hair golden, and on their backs, every one of them had a pair of pure white wings. Like the Collapsing Mountain race, they dressed simply and crudely, with only a few pieces of cloth covering their private parts, exposing their strong figures.

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