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   Chapter 1870 A True Spirit

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No matter how fierce the steel ropes were, they immediately shattered and dissipated upon touching the ball.

This sight filled Zen with ease.

He was currently unable to directly control this kind of power. If he tried to inject it into himself, his body might not be able to bear such violent power and disintegrate. Therefore, he could only project it by means of the Cross-world Theurgy.

Using it like this might seem inefficient but it should not be underestimated.

Laquisha, who had attached herself to Zen's body, looked up at him with surprise.

Her premonition was proven right but it was still quite shocking. She had initially thought that Zen would be able to catch up to her brother. She was wrong. Zen would actually go far beyond whatever her brother was capable of.

'He will bring me to the Soul Suppressing Cliff, ' Laquisha thought to herself.

She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. If Zen did not manage to bring her to that place, then she didn't think anybody else in this entire world would be able to do so.

The steel ropes were rendered useless by the ball since each lash caused them to immediately disintegrate and disappear. This was a loss to the Martial Sacred Beast since each steel rope it lost was equal to losing one of its arms.

Realizing the futility of its attacks, the beast retreated its ropes.

The crowd wiped off their sweat and looked up at Zen with fear in their eyes.

Back in the Collapsing Mountain race, Zen gathered the power of the nine stars in the place three inches from his fist and wielded it as a way for him to display his strength. Everyone thought it was Zen's own power, not noticing the finer details.

However, this time, Zen had directly spread his power outside of his body.

This couldn't be pure power, at least none of them thought so.

When ordinary warriors displayed their power, they would usually need their bodies to activate it. This made it impossible to force their power out of their bodies and make it into an independent existence.

Zen, however, had transformed his power into this egg-shaped shield that he wrapped around himself for protection. It looked more like some kind of theurgy.

But what sort of theurgy had such power? Zen was merely at the Spirit Supreme Realm. How in the world was he able to resist the Martial Sacred Beast's attacks?

World lords such as Kennan would be the ones with the strongest theurgy amongst everyone present. However, even Kennan's Wishing Spell wouldn't be enough to block all the beast's ropes. Zen did not just block them. His shield was actually strong enough to destroy them!

None of them could've ever thought that Zen was using the Cross-world Theurgy to directly project his power from his inner world to the outside world.

It was only after Zen allowed the ba

to come face-to-face with a true spirit!

"Zen Luo, give that girl to the Martial Sacred Beast," a warrior said.

Zen, however, turned a deaf ear to his advice. His eyes were filled with persistence as he continued to look straight at the Black Weasel.

The two were at a standstill. Despite the fact that Zen had cut off its tentacle, the Black Weasel did not attack Zen and the young man was the same. In fact, the beast seemed to be afraid of something, or perhaps, it did not wish to fight with him.

The Black Weasel extended another tentacle in an attempt to reach Laquisha.

Zen felt his back tighten as the tentacle reached towards them while Laquisha tightened her grip around his throat in fear.

Kennan and his companions were far more knowledgeable and experienced than the ordinary martial artists in the divine land as followers of the Holy Emperor. They knew the Black Weasel's origins very well. If the Princess Royal were to be swallowed by the beast, then the Holy Emperor wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Zen threw another punch and another half-moon strike once again cut the tentacle off.

Having been stopped twice now, the Black Weasel suddenly raised its head.


His sharp roar was followed by the swaying of the trees. Those present couldn't keep their balance anymore. A large number of the martial artists from the Snake and Tiger Hunt Squads fell to the ground, and some even fainted.

Zen also felt the painful, swelling sensation but did not move an inch.

The Black Weasel continued to roar as it approached Zen. Only when the young man was within arm's reach did it finally stop.

Zen clenched his fists tightly as his heart beat nervously fast. The beast was so close now that he could smell the stench from its breath.

If the Black Weasel chose to swallow him all in one gulp, would he even be able to resist?

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