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   Chapter 1869 One Third Of The Power

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As the Demon Sealing Array was broken, everyone began to panic.

This was especially true for the Collapsing Mountain race.

The forest wasn't too far away from where the race lived. Since childhood, every member of the race knew about the existence of a gigantic monster in these woods, one they couldn't afford to offend. Adults had used this monster to scare children when they made mistakes.

Everyone in the Collapsing Mountain race was well aware of just how powerful a Martial Sacred Beast was.

Panicking, Chapman immediately shouted, "Everyone, calm down! Dragon Hunt Squad, remain in formation!"

The Dragon Hunt Squad was only second in strength to the Divinity Hunt Squad. They were the backbone of the Collapsing Mountain race. On Chapman's orders, most of them were able to keep the Demon Sealing Array intact, but the gap on the left remained.

Someone from the Divinity Hunt Squad wanted to make a move, but Chapman stopped him.

When the steel rope entered the Demon Sealing Array in pursuit of Laquisha, Chapman had already realized that the Martial Sacred Beast was after this girl.

This monster was too powerful, even for the Collapsing Mountain race. Moreover, only the steel rope was entering the Demon Sealing Array. If the Divinity Hunt Squad took action, it might infuriate the Martial Sacred Beast even further. If that happened, the entire Collapsing Mountain race would be in danger of being destroyed. Rash decisions would cost lives.

Technically, it wasn't the Collapsing Mountain race's duty to protect warriors outside their race. Moreover, Laquisha didn't even possess the qualifications to enter the hunt squads! She wasn't their responsibility.

Everybody watched the ingenious way through which Laquisha moved. Her graceful body continuously twisted and turned, making her look like a spinning flower and dazzling everyone. In the blink of an eye, she had elegantly landed in front of Zen.

"Save me," she softly said with an innocent blink.

As soon as she had voiced out her request, she promptly hid behind Zen.

This whole time, her face had looked calm. But when he felt her shiver behind him, Zen realized that she had been afraid after all. Now that she had found some protection, she was free to acknowledge how terrified she actually was.

Zen smiled wryly. Was Laquisha this certain that he would be able to save her?

"You! Get out of the way!" Chapman barked.

Zen was the most valuable person in this mission. If Laquisha had to die, then let her. The Collapsing Mountain race wouldn't allow her to take Zen down with her. Even though Chapman knew that Laquisha and Zen had known each other long before they entered the Collapsing Mountain race, he would never allow such a thing to happen.

At this moment, Chapman lunged, as if he was ready to pick up Laquisha and toss her out of the Demon Sealing Array.

Kennan and his companions wouldn't allow Chapman to proceed. Kennan stood in front of him and said, "The Princess Royal is the d

Zen had even injured it, cut off one of its limbs.

Zen took a deep breath as he watched the steel ropes roll in from everywhere. They were getting closer and closer! He pulled Laquisha toward him. "Come closer!"

Laquisha nodded and moved closer, pressing her hands on Zen's back.

Right then and there, the Nine Divine Stars inside Zen's inner world began to shine with unprecedented brightness. When the people within Zen's inner world witnessed this phenomenon, they all knelt and touched the ground with their foreheads. They saw this as a direct command from the Venerable Creator. A baby born on this day would have the Venerable Creator's full protection for the rest of its life.

Only a third of the power.

Zen didn't know what would happen to him if he used that amount of power in one go.

Once his strength reached a certain point, it would be difficult for him to estimate how much he should use, but he figured that the more he used, the better.

At the moment, and with the short time that he had, using a third of the Nine Divine Stars' strength was his limit.

Shortly, the invisible force spread out and formed a small sphere about ten feet in diameter around Zen and Laquisha. No one saw it, but everyone felt it. Once the sphere had stabilized, everything within it, aside from Zen and Laquisha, was obliterated. Dead leaves, branches, dirt, and scavengers on the ground did not turn into dust but merely disappeared.

Rumble, rumble.

Unleashing this amount of power made the ground shake. It rumbled for a brief moment, temporarily deafening everyone. No one was aware that they had heard a loud sound. They only felt as though the entire world had fallen absolutely silent.

Confused, everyone looked at Zen and Laquisha, and the invisible sphere made known only by the crater it had made on the ground.

As for the steel ropes, the moment they touched the invisible sphere of power that Zen had made, not a single one broke. Instead, they all simply disappeared.

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