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   Chapter 1868 The Martial Sacred Beast

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Along the way, they came across few unaccompanied beasts, and all the warriors of the other races clustered together to attack them.

None of the strange beasts that interacted with them were able to stay whole. They were either torn to pieces or turned into blood mist.

Although the warriors were strong and powerful, they did not meet many beasts to let out their energy on. They hated it that the beasts were not enough to for them to kill.

Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound. One of the old foreign warriors, Theodore, instantly noticed the expressions of the Collapsing Mountain people change––especially the few people from the Divinity Hunt Squad.

Theodore and the others did not rush forward. They quietly retreated backwards.

However, some of the warriors felt that there was a strong beast ahead of them. These warriors rushed forward without any hesitation.

To be honest, the warriors that had rushed forward were also extremely careful. Those that were too reckless wouldn't be able to obtain a purple trial tally and in return, would enter the Collapsing Mountain race to improve.

They were thrilled. One, because their strength had advanced. Two, because the forest was closely connected to the Calamity Dispelling Forest. They could smell the faint scent coming from it, which strengthened the force of their bodies.

"All of you retreat! That's a Martial Sacred Beast! If you touch it, your death is certain!"

Although Chapman did not care about the lives of the warriors, he wouldn't send them straight to their deaths…

All the Collapsing Mountain people quickly gathered together. Upon hearing Chapman's words, some of the warriors from the other races who were with quick reflexes stopped. They began to retreat.

But Chapman's warning was a little too late. Not to mention these warriors had already rushed out at a great distance!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Suddenly, gray tentacles appeared from behind the huge trees around them.

As Zen stood in the middle of the crowd and noticed the tentacles, his eyes flashed. "This Martial Sacred Beast is a puppet?"

The steel tentacles were forged individually. They looked like parts of a puppet made of metal!


When the tentacles––or steel ropes––lashed out, they left deep grooves in the ground. After the near warriors were hit, they were caught by steel ropes and dragged into the depths of the bushes along with a miserable scream…

Two of the trapped warriors had obtained the title of, "super powerful warrior", and their strength was not weak. However, after a short struggle, they were also dragged away!

Everyone who remained was pale-faced. Who would dare t

ze. She pressed her lips together.

'Is it her?'

Zen guessed. He noticed that the ropes nearest Laquisha were the most concentrated. However, these ropes seemed to be afraid of the array and weren't willing to break it.

When he first entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, The Formless Sky Python had been chasing after this woman.

Laquisha was an extremely beautiful woman, but how could these strange beasts be lustful of women? Why did all the beasts willingly cause trouble… for her?

As Zen thought about it, the ropes finally could not hold themselves back and started aggressively lashing out at the Demon Sealing Array.


The array was unable to withstand the strong attacks of the Martial Sacred Beast. The only defense was its contained information that caused the beast to be fearful.

But now, the array had lost its effectiveness. The Martial Sacred Beast began to wildly whip around!

As the Collapsing Mountain race saw what was wrong, they turned around and ran. A gap suddenly appeared in the original array!


One of the steel ropes took advantage of their absence.

And just as Zen had guessed, the beast's goal was Laquisha.

"Princess Royal, let's go!"

The expressions of Kenna and his companions fell.

They had originally thought that following the Collapsing Mountain race wouldn't be dangerous, but they had forgotten about Laquisha. Her physique was a fatal attraction to all beasts…

Laquisha didn't listen. She leapt up and ran towards Zen.

She knew that Kennan's grand Wishing Spell had been put to use on the Formless Sky Python, and he couldn't use it again. It would be impossible for him to fight against this Martial Sacred Beast.

And at this moment, she could only settle her hopes on Zen.

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