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   Chapter 1867 Unrestrained Warriors

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A deep sigh escaped from Zen's lips. After his avatar had dealt with the matters of his inner world, it dissipated along with the wind.

Generally speaking, a warrior wouldn't usually interfere too much with their inner world's development, and allowed it to evolve on its own.

However, the war in Zen's inner world involved the World Tree that he had planted. It would inevitably have serious consequences, and the humans wouldn't have been able to survive if it wasn't for Zen's interference.

Meanwhile, Chapman kept his lips sealed and didn't ask what Zen and the prophet discussed.

The prophets were transcendent beings within the sacred places. In other words, they were the watchers left behind by the Holy Being in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Their only purpose in the sacred places was to help the Holy Being. However, there had also been many conflicts in these races.

For instance, the Collapsing Mountain race wanted to know why they existed and why their master built this land. They even wanted to be like the warriors from the outside, who were able to transcend the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land and live in the divine land.

The prophet clearly knew that this was impossible, but he did not inform his people, and even misled them on many occasions.

After all, the world they moved in was created by the Holy Being, and Zen wouldn't casually talk about it.

Chapman and other Collapsing Mountain people did not go out to hunt for a few days after the test. Instead, they stayed within the race to prepare themselves.

After about four days, the Collapsing Mountain race was finally ready. All the adults were divided into several groups and got ready to take off.

The Collapsing Mountain race were divided into four groups: snake, tiger, dragon, and divinity.

The weakest among them was the Snake Hunt Squad. Warriors who just received the title of "outstanding warrior" were put into this group. It could be said that this team was the safest and was considered a team where the older ones trained the newbies.

On the other hand, the Tiger Hunt Squad and Dragon Hunt Squad were the Collapsing Mountain race's core forces. They were those who hunted the mountainous piles of prey in the square.

As for the Divinity Hunt Squad, they were rarely in the picture, because this team only contained a little more than ten people of the entire Collapsing Mountain race. The three people who held off the Formless Sky Python that day belonged in this squad.

Now, Zen had obtained the title of wild king and subsequently joined the Divinity Hunt Squad.

Some of the warriors from the other races chose to leave the Collapsing Mountain race after they passed the test, but the Collapsing Mountain race didn't ask them to stay. If the warriors stayed, then they had to hunt along with them.

Once the preparations were done, these particular teams took off in a grandiose fashion.

Laquisha, Kennan, and the others didn't join the group, but still followed along after the Collapsing Mountain race set out.

Kennan's stubbornness decreased after he saw Zen's potential. He didn't bring Laquisha back by force, but he couldn't help t

en astral apes that were hit immediately exploded into clouds of bloody mists. These suppressed foreign warriors weren't there to hunt, but they were there to kill.

Zen's lips curved into a frown at the scene. It was true that it was easy for people to lose themselves after being suppressed for a long time. Such was the case with these warriors who were like wild beasts that only knew how to unleash their strengths.

In next to no time, all the golden astral apes that hid within the forest were killed.

The murderous warriors returned to their respective teams, but they all looked like they still wanted to continue.

Chapman did not stop them from doing so. As they progressed, the beasts they encountered were increasingly stronger. Sooner or later, they would learn a lesson…

The Collapsing Mountain people continued to lead the group forward.

They traversed through the forest and the further they traveled, the trees in front of them grew even taller.

At the beginning, the trees in the forest were only about thirty feet tall. Now, they covered the sky and everyone could barely see the clouds above.

These trees were hundreds of feet thick and thousands of feet high. Suddenly, the warriors from other races felt their palms itch uncontrollably. They sometimes punched the tree trunks they passed by to relieve the itch, which caused the trunks to crack.

"This is the forest of giant trees. If we continue onward, we will reach the Calamity Dispelling Forest. Don't blame us for not reminding you if you alert those giant beasts and they come out to attack you, we are not expected to help you!" Chapman coldly said. Every time a giant tree fell, it caused a huge commotion. As hunters, the Collapsing Mountain people were finally unable to endure any longer.

Just as Chapman was done speaking, they heard a rustling sound in front of him. The Collapsing Mountain people looked at each other with horrified expressions.

However, the foreign warriors did not feel alarmed at all. Their power made them feel immensely strong, and gave them the impression that they were truly invincible.

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