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   Chapter 1866 Being Omnipotent

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Zen smiled. "I just want to end this meaningless war."

With these words, the queen's face revealed a sudden expression of surprise. "Can you do it?"

Zen nodded, his gaze circling the area. Quite a few of the other warriors who were engaged in the fierce battle had also taken notice of Zen.

He raised his arm above his head slightly, which sent a shudder of confusion rippling through the crowd.

Without hesitation, the general standing behind Zen suddenly pulled out a dagger and rushed toward him.

He started the war on behalf of Totem Clan's king and was about to obtain his ultimate and final victory. How could he let this mysterious fellow in front of him prevent him from righteousness?

The queen spoke her warning:

"Be careful!"

Despite such, Zen didn't budge, or he didn't even move an inch. Instead, he stood motionless as the general twisted his body in order to stab his dagger into Zen's heart.

In his inner world, Zen was the absolute controller. Here, not only was he in an 'omniscient' state, but he was also in an 'omnipotent' state. How could he simply let that dagger pierce his heart?

As soon as the sharp tip of the dagger poked at Zen's skin, fine cracks began to appear on its surface, forming upward inch by inch. The dagger shattered into hundreds of small pieces, scattering themselves all over the ground.

"What an idiot!" Zen spat these few words.

He then shook his body slightly while glaring at the general and suddenly, the general was sent flying up into the air. He continued to rise higher and higher as Zen held his gaze.

A hundred feet, at first.

Then, a thousand feet.

Ten thousand feet and the general was completely out of sight.

In this era, there wasn't yet a person at Illuminating Soul Realm, and even the strongest one was only a nature creature.

And as flying was their wildest dream, this general was the first person to actually achieve it.

Zen didn't kill him, though. He only threw the general thousands and thousands of feet in the air. As the creator of this world, his world, Zen wouldn't just casually kill the creatures he himself had created. 'How meaningless!' he thought to himself.

That was when Zen raised his arm once again.

At that, all the weapons in everyone's hands began to vibrate. The warriors tried to hold on strong, but couldn't resist and the weapons went flying away.

Tinkling! Tinkling! Tinkling!

Machetes, long swords, sharp spears, shiny daggers, bows and arrows…

All sorts of weapons were now gathered above Zen's head, forming a misshapen ball of iron and metal.

All Zen had to do now was point. And he did so with utmost gentleness.

The weapons once above his head now began to disappear one at a time, reversing back into brown streams of chaotic energy and dissipating into the world.

Once the chaotic energy had solidified into soil, various kinds of iron, copper, and gold ores formed in the soil.

And after the humans had mastered the art of metallurgy, they refined the metal within it and then forged various weapons. However, whether those were steel mach

!" said the general, with utmost respect.

The creatures of this era were still in an uncultured state. No matter how brave the great general was, once he confirmed Zen's ability, there was no way he was going against him!

"You, you are a god…" When the king heard the general's words, his fat face filled with a dazed expression.

"Stop the war with Howe Clan," Zen said, paying no attention to the king's utterings. With those words, Zen's figure dissipated into a faint shadow and then disappeared completely.

After mediating that war, Zen once again entered the World Tree.

Right now, Zen's inner world was too small and wasn't yet prosperous enough. For this reason, he couldn't and wouldn't allow the creatures on the World Tree to start a war within the humans.

Zen also encountered a little resistance here, with the World Tree. This green skinned race was called the Heavenly Spirit race.

They themselves were extremely weak, but with the help of the World Tree's power, they possessed theurgy that was unmatched by humans. That was why they had the urge to conquer that continent.

Zen immediately appeared at the top of the World Tree and found the king of the Heavenly Spirit race, issuing a warning of his own.

He separated the World Tree and the continent. These two worlds couldn't start a war with each other for at least ten thousand years!

Once this inner world had had the time to truly flourish, Zen wouldn't interfere too much, even if there would be more wars in future. After all, the development of his inner world and the derivation of civilization all had their own rules. Interfering too much might not be a good thing.

Zen's warning was very effective. Perhaps the Heavenly Spirit race had their own belief, but they also believed in the existence of gods. Zen's theurgy was clearly the same as the gods in all the legends and there was no way they could resist.

The only thing that disappointed the Heavenly Spirit race was that Zen's appearance looked like the human being, nothing like their Heavenly Spirit race…

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