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   Chapter 1865 War Within The Inner World.

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Earlier, there was no need for Zen to pay enough attention to his inner world. He never interfered in the operations of his inner world.

Depending on the level of one's cultivation, there was difference in the time flow rate in each one's inner world.

When a warrior had just stepped into the Soul Sea Realm and formed their Soul Sea, the time within was more or less inactive.

That was the reason why the Soul Sea Realm warrior could not nurture life. The process took very long.

But after reaching the Spirit Supreme Realm, the time flow rate in one's inner world started to increase at a considerable rate. Life vitality started to turn into a continent, and the lowest level of creatures were soon born and developed.

The higher the cultivation level, the faster the time flow rate in one's inner world would be.

Hence a world lord's inner world was much more prosperous than the inner world of a warrior of Spirit Transformation Realm.

But Zen was not aware that the speed of his inner world was even faster and everything in his inner world kept evolving at every moment.

Soon he discovered that there was something wrong within his inner world and he was shocked at what he saw.

Above the central continent of the chaotic sea, a relatively primitive civilization had begun to develop, and there was already a large-scale war!

Zen's consciousness had already slipped into his inner world, and with a thought, took on the shape of an avatar.

In this world, Zen was the most high god, the absolute controller!

Although this inner world was still at the most basic stage, it was quite vast for Zen once he entered into it.

With a thought, his avatar flashed and appeared on this continent.

He did not have to use the Grand Teleportation or the Space Law. He could appear anywhere he wanted with just a thought.


"Kill the imbeciles of Totem Clan!"

"All for the glory of Howe Clan!"


In his own inner world, Zen could not only be anywhere at any time, but also knew everything.

Zen was in true sense an omniscient figure.

It seemed that all the large and small races born in this continent merged and eventually formed two large clans.

The clan formed in the east was the Howe Clan and the one formed in the west was the Totem Clan.

In the beginning, both the clans showed considerable strength. Apart from minor conflicts, there never had been a large-scale war between them.

However, recently, Totem Clan started making great progress. Warriors of their clan had obtained a very powerful weapon; a long spear made from a dark green plant.

What was extraordinary about this spear was that, when in use, countless vines would extend fr

his patience. He threw the long spear, aiming at Zen's head.

Zen did not even flinch. Instead, he allowed the spear to pierce him!


A smug look appeared on the general's face. This green spear contained unimaginable power. It would definitely pierce through the enemy's head, killing him on the spot!

But soon, the general's face froze as he saw an unbelievable sight.

The moment the tip of the spear touched the man's forehead, it splintered and broke into pieces.

As soon as the spear broke, the broken pieces remained suspended in air and fused back together to its original form. But the end of the spear was still in the possession of the man.

While Zen was fiddling with the spear, countless vines shot out and tried to pierce through his arms. But in vain, as they could not penetrate through his skin.

"Interesting that such a fascinating weapon could be produced from the World Tree."

With a flick of his hand, the spear turned into a brown colored gas and vanished completely, without leaving any trace.

"Who the hell are you? What have you come here for?"

The general had never seen such a miraculous sight before. He panicked as he threw the queen to one side and fled!

The queen landed on the ground and turned around, staring at Zen.

Zen's gaze swept over the queen. When he finally saw her appearance, he was completely stunned.

No wonder he heard that there were people who fell in love with the creatures in their inner world.

Everything in this inner world was in a chaotic state. Among the countless living beings, such a beautiful woman had been born.

"You... Who are you?"

The queen asked the general's question again. After all, Zen's actions and behavior were far beyond their imagination. Only the gods possessed such an ability.

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