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   Chapter 1864 The Third Category (Part Two)

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The prophet wasn't exactly sure how Zen had entered the Collapsing Mountain race.

Under regular circumstances, once a martial artist had appeared in a teleporting area, he would begin completing various missions, striving and working hard to earn various trial tallies.

These trial tallies were divided into five kinds and were ultimately characterized with different colors: black, purple, red, green, and white, In the eyes of any outsider, and to any warrior who had any knowledge on the subject, the purple trial tallies were considered top-level.

In the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the black trial tally was nothing more than a grand legend. They had only heard of it a few times, but no one had ever seen one before!

With time, everyone simply believed that there was no black trial tally in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, and it was a myth that they had carried for years on end. As a result, the purple trial tally became the top-ranked.

What they didn't know though, was that the black trial tally actually did exist! Only that, obtaining such was extremely rare and very few ever held one in hand.

In fact, it was only the martial artists of the third category earlier spoken about by the prophet that even had the right to obtain a black trial tally.

In other words, only seven martial artists had actually obtained a black trial tally before Zen.

It was all thanks to Laquisha that Zen had entered the sacred place for body refinement. He held the black tally in his hand, flipping it over in his palm. He didn't have a complete grasp of the colors classification when it came to the trial tallies.

The prophet had stayed here for so many years and had imagined countless times how he would hand this black trial tally over. In the imagined scenarios, he expected Zen to be extremely shocked

d him to take from the flame, didn't even exist. It was merely an impossible mission set by the Holy Being. It had a mysterious attraction to the races that guarded the six great sacred places, giving them something to strive for, a reason to push forward - but like a banana hanging off a rod in front of a donkey, they would never be able to actually reach it.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Zen personally.

Zen had promised Chapman that he would help him retrieve the item in the flame.

And with the black trial tally in hand, Zen left the prophet's tent.

The test was already over, and Chapman had already set a date with Zen to set off. He never dared ask Zen what the prophet had said…

Even if he had asked, Zen wouldn't have told him a thing. In any case, the prophet had warned him not to speak of their conversation to the Collapsing Mountain race, especially to Chapman.

That night, a strange feeling struck Zen, one that stemmed all the way from his inner world. His eyes popped wide open, slightly startled by what he had seen in the inner world.

He had never expected that in such a short period of time, the inner world within his body would evolve so quickly that a war would erupt!

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