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   Chapter 1863 The Third Category (Part One)

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Upon hearing the prophet's words, Zen felt rather skeptical.

In his mind and in his current state, the divine land was something very distant and abstract to Zen.

As for what the divine land was going to face shortly, that was even less likely to have anything to do with Zen at all.

Zen therefore felt very flat and uninterested while the prophet spoke. The words had little meaning to him. If something like that did happen, the True Gods were still there. And then again, let's not forget the Holy Beings, who were even more powerful than any True Gods anyway.

Despite the little attention Zen spent on his conversation, the prophet's last sentence still made his heart skip a beat. Did he just hear what he thought he heard?

Did this prophet fellow even know how much strength source he had recently absorbed?

After all, the strength source came from the Holy Being's power. It was already amazing that a simple warrior, an ordinary martial artist had absorbed tens of thousands of strength source drops. It was more than just a considerable amount!

This year, it was safe to say that the amount of strength source absorbed by any random martial artist was probably equivalent to what had been absorbed in an entire year in the past.

When it came to Zen alone, he himself had absorbed as much as an entire third of the strength source. He had depleted the lake of strength source to near nothingness.

And what if the Holy Being were to discover how much strength source Zen had truly absorbed? Was it too much and would he be asked to give it back?

Feeling a little flustered now, Zen refocused his thoughts and convinced himself that such a thing would never happen.

Within the Sacred Spring Mountain sat a large lake brimming with strength source. Along with it one could find an Eight-diagram Ball that could reverse gravity, forcing the warriors who had entered this place to turn around and leave, back to where they came from. As mentioned by the prophet earlier, this

nally, they equally displayed their strength and talent. This method of selecting warriors based on the standards they demonstrated proved to be effective.

In the past, it had crossed Zen's mind how the trial tallies didn't seem to be useful to the Collapsing Mountain race, though the foreign warriors needed to hand over them as a pass to enter the sacred place.

Why did they ask for those trial tallies then? It didn't make sense to him.

It was not as if the trial tallies could be served for much: they weren't a source of edible food and could only be used as a currency and exchange system for resources with the other races. That said, the Collapsing Mountain race was completely self-sufficient and lacked no resources whatsoever.

The truth was that the trial tallies were qualifications. They blocked, or prevented, the incapable warriors from entering the six great sacred places just because they wanted to. The trial tallies thus saved them the trouble that might occur in the selection of talents they desired.

"You are the only warrior in our Collapsing Mountain race that meets the requirements of the third category. Therefore, I can give you this," the prophet said, as a black trial tally appeared in his hand. "I believe you're aware of this trial tally's value," he said with a smug smile on his face.

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