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   Chapter 1862 The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land's Secrets

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After Zen left, the entire square started to discuss the matter.

The most enthusiastic warriors were probably the ones of the Collapsing Mountain race.

On the contrary, the foreign warriors did not say a word.

The foreign warriors came from all sorts of races, from different universes or the divine land. They had been paying attention to Zen, as the special way he was treated by the Collapsing Mountain race made them jealous.

This special treatment certainly did not make any different for the martial artists from the divine land.

The fine warriors of the divine land had only one goal: to obtain the strength source. They were not interested in the fact that the warriors of the Collapsing Mountain race were able to refine their bodies by singing songs and devouring the flesh and drinking the blood of beasts of all sorts. The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was really marvelous, but after all, it was created by a Holy Being, and that was why it couldn't be compared with the divine land.

The divine land was the unexcelled world of real values in their eyes. This was the reason why every creature that was born in the divine land felt the right to call all the other creatures being born in other universes "secondary creatures."

But this time something changed in the warriors of the divine land and it could be noticed on their faces.

They could not understand how Zen had obtained so much strength suddenly.

They wondered if his strength had increased due to the special treatment from the Collapsing Mountain race.

They also suspected of the wine given by Chapman to Zen. The other option they were thinking about was the internal organs of the beasts devoured by him. However eagerly they tried to find it out, the answer was "impossible."

"Tsk! Tsk! The only possible answer is the strength source Zen has absorbed," murmured Theodore, the little old man.

Standing next to Theodore was a completely black-skinned warrior, who also obtained the title of "super powerful warrior." As he overheard the words murmured by Theodore, he coldly remarked, "How much strength source could he manage to gain when he is a mere Spirit Supreme Realm warrior?"

Theodore frowned deep in his thoughts and raised a question, "What if he activated the Nine Divine Stars?"

"Humph, is it possible for him to activate them at all?" "Even if he activated the Nine Divine Stars, the amount of the strength source he could imbibe would still be limited and would not be more than the double of the original amount. Even with the help of Eight Path Platforms, he has his limits due to his own body. Even he cannot overstep his limits," reflected the dark-skinned warrior.

"I am really confused about this." Theodore shook his head in confusion and his eyes were full of malice. He was ready to take the chance anytime to capture Zen and interrogate him one-to-one.

However, he knew that he must wait, because this was still the territory of the Collapsing Mountain race and the race had need of Zen, so they would never let foreign warriors hurt him.

After Zen finished his mission wit

one was in a universe or the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. These places were the inner worlds of Holy Beings. The inner worlds of these Holy Beings revolved around the divine land that was also rotating at an extremely high speed.

However, the warriors in the inner worlds did not feel the movements at all.

For example, a star rotated, but the creatures on the star would not be able to feel this constant rotation of the star.

But what did the prophet mean by "falling into the depths of the chaos?"

The old man continued, "All of the Holy Beings state that the chaos is endless. It doesn't matter how deep the inner worlds fall, they cannot fall to the bottom. However, being one of the three new Holy Beings, our master knows there is a boundary to the chaos. The divine land cannot descend endlessly, and when it reaches that boundary, it causes a final crash and then the True Gods are annihilated."

Zen was astonished and he asked eventually, "And what is my connection with all this?"

A smile appeared on the prophet's face and he said, "There aren't many people in the divine land who agree with this view, but my master is one of them, so he gave up on building an entire universe and instead created the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land with all his might."

At this point, Zen finally realized that the "master" this prophet mentioned must be the Holy Being who had built the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

The strength source that Zen had been able to imbibe was also the strength source of that Holy Being.

"Other than you and me, no one from the Collapsing Mountain race knows about this matter," the prophet murmured. "Our master hopes that his power will be shared among all the living beings and one day a mighty warrior could be born. He is hoping that this mighty warrior will be able to support the divine land and stop it from falling to the depths of chaos."

"Why are you telling it to me?" asked Zen, blinking his eyes.

The prophet just smiled and gave a short answer. "Because you have taken too much strength source."

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