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   Chapter 1861 The Prophet

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With constant pressure building on the surface of the Magic Golden Stone, kinetic energy began to spread across the entire stone.


Zen's glove, which was formed by the power of Nine Divine Stars, finally burst open.

He also pulled his right hand back on reflex.

He was not able to control such an incredible amount of power. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When he brought his fist down on the Magic Golden Stone, there would be quite a strong reaction.

However, this reaction force was not aimed at Zen's body. After all, there was still half an inch between his glove and his fist.

If this reaction force landed directly on Zen's fist, his right arm would have shattered from the impact.

As he quickly retracted his fist, his body swayed slightly. He let out a breath of air. This kind of power was terrifying, and it wasn't easy for him to control it. He had to be very careful, as he was playing with fire.

Chapman was shocked to see the extent of Zen's power on the rock. Suddenly, his legs felt like jelly. He was trembling from the shock.

He was quick as lightning. He suddenly leaped off the Magic Golden Stone and flipped up in the air using strength. Then he landed firmly on the ground.

The moment his feet touched the ground, he saw the Magic Golden Stone shoot forward at high speed.


When such a large mass moved at such alarming speeds, there were bound to be changes in the atmosphere. The Magic Golden Stone was extremely heavy, and as it hurtled through the air, fist-sized cyclones were formed, which went spiraling off in different directions.

Even the surface of the square, which had been paved with Silver Astral Stones, produced deep dents because of the Magic Golden Stone's movement.

Based on this, one could fathom the amount of power that Zen was employing.

One foot...

Ten feet...

Twenty feet...

Thirty feet...

Forty feet...

Fifty feet!


A loud bang was heard.

A building of the Collapsing Mountain race was fifty feet away from where the Magic Golden Stone was originally standing. This building was also built from Silver Astral Stones. Since its construction, it had been used to store all sorts of beast bones and blood. Almost all the blood grooves in the square were gathered there.

A strong inertia boosted the Magic Golden Stone forward, directly smashing into the building.


The entire building, which was made of Silver Astral Stones, crumbled to a heap with a loud crash, completely engulfing the Magic Golden Stone.

Zen was in a state of shock when he saw the damage caused by his punch. He remained rooted to the spot.

He thought to himself, 'This is bad. I used way too much power.'

This was the first time that Zen had used the power of the Nine Divine Stars. He was unable to manipulate the power properly, or rather, he didn't know how much power was contained within the Nine Divine

ly come up with some lame excuse to explain his strength.

He did not expect this to be Chapman's concern. Chapman shook his head and said, "No. I want to know how you were able to hold your position and not retreat."

"I... I didn't retreat?" Zen was taken aback for a moment, but then he immediately cursed in his mind.

He had withdrawn his fist just in time to avoid the counter-force from the glove. Therefore, the reactionary force was greatly reduced due to the fact that he did not come into direct contact with the rock.

In this case, his performance was way too calm and casual.

If he had known that this would happen, Zen would have retreated several thousand feet before stopping. That way, the others wouldn't suspect him.

"I've practiced some theurgy that allows me to transfer the power out of my body. That is why I didn't retreat," Zen answered.

It was not lie. Indeed, he had used the power of the Nine Divine Stars and turned it into an invisible glove.

Chapman was not one to fall for it at all. He only said, "Each age brings forth new geniuses. You are indeed a genius!" The serious expression on his face suddenly changed. He became amicable as he smiled and added, "Congratulations! You've broken this record and obtained the title of wild king. You can join the Divinity Hunt Squad now."

If one wanted to be a wild king, one had to push the stone ten feet away. Zen had already pushed it to a distance of fifty feet. Unfortunately, the Collapsing Mountain race only had four titles and there was no higher rank.

At this point, two children from the Collapsing Mountain race quickly walked over. After bowing at Chapman, one of the children said, "Come with me, Zen. The prophet wants to meet you."

"The prophet? Where is he?"

Zen only found out that there was a prophet in the Collapsing Mountain race after he entered the Sacred Spring Mountain. He had been here for half a year and had never once seen him before.

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