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   Chapter 1860 A Visible Indentation On The Stone

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Previously whenever Zen threw a punch, he summoned his strength in two stages.

The first stage involved activating his own strength, the second pertained to activating the power of the dragon scales.

Right now, the situation was a bit more complicated. Zen's physical body could carry more strength source than ordinary martial artists, or even than the Collapsing Mountain warriors.

Moreover, he had Eight Path Platforms.

Why was it that some of the martial artists from the other races had better performances than the Collapsing Mountain warriors in the test? It was because they had either opened the Eight Path Platforms with their body refining techniques, or had used some special ways to expand their acupuncture points. In short, they had unique ways of containing more strength source.

Therefore, Zen not only possessed the strength that came from his physical body, but also gained strength from the Path Platforms

With these strengths combined, Zen's overall strength was far more than that of ordinary martial artists. But the best source of his power came from the Nine Divine Stars.

The nine stars which were as brilliant as the sun hung in the sky silently, radiating dazzling light that illuminated Zen's inner world.

Compared to the strength source absorbed by the Nine Divine Stars, the strength source of his physical body and the Path Platforms was minute. They were not at all in the same league. The strength source contained within the nine giant stars was probably hundreds of times greater than that absorbed by his physical body and the Path Platforms combined.

After a while, Zen activated the power within his body.

In the past, Zen had often borrowed the power of the dragon scales. He was all too familiar with the way of extracting power from the Path Platforms and his inner world. The only difference was that this time, the power he extracted did not come from anything external, rather it originated from his own body.


As Zen's muscles tensed up, the power in his body and his Eight Path Platforms was thoroughly activated.

He was akin to a giant rock that had been thrown into water. Because the weight of the rock was too great, it created pressure on the water around it, forming a strong flow that spread out.

Right now, Zen was that rock, and the air around him was equivalent to the water. Because of the sudden increase in his strength, the air around him was pushed away, forming spirals of wind that rushed forward.


On the square, the people stared. Their hair began to flutter.

"This power…"

Chapman stood up and looked down at Zen below.

He had been sitting on the golden square stone and was the closest to Zen, so he was also the most sensitive to the formidable power that Zen exuded.

Moreover, as the leader of the Collapsing Mountain race, he had an extraordinary level of perception of power. He could feel the surging power within Zen's body intensely.

'That power is strong. It is as if ten

rld was different from that of the Holy Beings. It had been formed somewhere in the chaos, still quite a distance away from the divine land.

If he extracted the power from his inner world now, the power within his inner world would follow Zen's wishes and appear wherever he wanted.

It was something that Zen had figured out himself, which was why he was somewhat astonished.

One-twentieth of the power of the Nine Divine Stars was gathered in the spot half an inch before Zen's fist, turning into an invisible 'glove' that wrapped itself around his right arm.

At this moment, the onlookers felt as if all of that power had originated from the fist. They wondered if Zen had practiced a special fist technique and gathered all of his power into the region in front of his fist.

Even the martial artists of various races from the divine land similarly could not readily ascertain what was happening. The thought that Zen was able to display the Cross-world Theurgy of Holy Beings did not enter their heads.

In an instant, Zen's punch landed right in front of the Magic Golden Stone.

When this unimaginably enormous power came into contact with the Magic Golden Stone, it created an intense vibration.

Before this, the Magic Golden Stone had received numerous punches from other warriors, but no matter if they were warriors that had obtained the title of outstanding warrior, mighty warrior, or super powerful warrior, regardless of which body refining techniques they used, the explosive power they unleashed did not leave a single mark behind. The surface of the stone was still as smooth as ever.

However, before Zen's fist could land on the Magic Golden Stone, being only half an inch away from it, the invisible 'glove' compressed it, forming a visible indentation on the stone.

And as Zen's fist continued to move forward, the indentation continued to deepen.

At this moment, the priceless, previously indestructible Magic Golden Stone looked as if it was made out of mud.

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