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   Chapter 1859 Expectation

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Pascal also had a great opportunity to obtain a lot of strength source.

More importantly, the cultivation he developed was quite special as it allowed him to unleash all his strength in just one punch.

The moment his fist hit its target, Pascal's body lost its strength and he fell on the ground. The golden square stone was a good 140 feet from its initial place and it had taken all of Pascal's strength to move it.

Back then, such distance was enough to place the warrior within the top ten.

After obtaining the title of wild king, Pascal chose to remain in the Collapsing Mountain race to train.

Once, the hunting team ran into trouble and after their leader died, Pascal had single-handedly led the team to safety. Later he became the leader of the Collapsing Mountain race.

It wasn't easy becoming the leader, especially since he was an outsider.

Many of the Collapsing Mountain members weren't willing to be ruled by a foreigner. And even though Pascal had made big contributions to the Collapsing Mountain race, a lot of them still disliked him.

Outsiders, after all, were inferior in the eyes of the Collapsing Mountain warriors even if many of the martial artists came from the divine land.

It was only natural that they didn't wish for a wild king to appear as it would most likely just result in another outsider becoming their leader.

It was a good thing there were a lot of warriors who got the title of "super powerful warrior", but ultimately, not a single wild king had appeared.

Chapman turned a page in the list of names with his big hand and with wide eyes, he shouted, "Zen Luo!"

Once his name was called, everyone's eyes immediately fell on Zen.

He had been waiting in the crowd for a long time.

Earlier on, when Laquisha first brought Zen to the Collapsing Mountain race, he had also attracted a lot of attention.

And while Zen was a secondary creature not worth paying attention to, Laquisha had quite the reputation.

Many martial artists from the other races had heard of Laquisha of the Han Clan and all of them wondered why she had come to the Collapsing Mountain race.

Later on, it became clear that the princess came with Zen, but none of them still knew the true purpose of her visit.

That said, a small portion of people did know about the abnormal flame Laquisha emitted.

This abnormal flame could burn almost anything which was why the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan paid so much attention to his daughter.

The problem was that the flame did not scare Zen.

Compared to those from the Collapsing Mountain race, more martial artists from other races in the divine land got much more shocked to see Zen unaffected by the strange flame that covered his body.

Later on, they laughed on the inside as they watched

n in on the discussion.

Compared to the other martial artists, the Collapsing Mountain warriors had less knowledge of Zen and naturally, didn't think too highly of him.

"This guy's body is so small, and my arm's thicker than him! Bet he won't be able to move the square stone for more than an inch!"

"I know!"

"Still, this guy is useful to us. I hope he performs well."

Teigan's lips trembled upon hearing these words.

It looked like Zen might even obtain the title of "wild king".

However, given the difference between his and his friends' perspectives, it would be best not to say anything at all.

"Kennan," Laquisha called. "What do you think?"

"It's hard to say." Kennan shook his head.

Laquisha blinked. "What do you mean?"

Laquisha paid so much attention to Zen, so Kennan and the others also did the same.

But even as they watched Zen progress at an incredible speed, they still could not figure out why this was happening and why Zen had been able to withstand Laquisha's flames.

Those flames were unstoppable, and only true experts would be able to extinguish them. And even then, it didn't mean that the experts did not fear the special flame.

However, being fireproof did not determine Zen's actual strength, which was why Kennan decided to tell Laquisha a safe answer.

The princess however, wasn't really expecting an answer, but she was still full of anticipation. She didn't expect Zen to surpass her brother, but she hoped he would at least get the title of "super powerful warrior".

But there was no point in discussing it now. Zen was ready to go.

He was like an iron tower, standing in front of the golden square stone.

With his fists clenched tightly, Zen stretched out his arms. His eyes gleamed and he looked absolutely intimidating as his whole being radiated with strength and confidence.

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