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   Chapter 1858 Wild King

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Just as everyone had predicted, the members of the Collapsing Mountain race performed excellently this year.

In the past, only one out of three people reached the level of "outstanding warrior". This year, aside from a handful of people, almost all of them were able to achieve the title.

Some of them even reached the "mighty warrior" level.

Also, there was one of them who had obtained the title of "super powerful warrior".

Compared to the other Collapsing Mountain race members, this particular warrior was a lot taller and more muscular. The amount of strength source he had absorbed was far more than that of the average race members, which was why he was able to reach such title.

When he punched the golden rock, it shook and slipped at a distance of five feet and three inches. This was impressive to most.

Many years had passed since the last super powerful warrior appeared for the Collapsing Mountain race. When Chapman announced his title, all members immediately burst in applause and excitement.

A warrior with his title was likely to become leader of the Collapsing Mountain race in the future. Although this test could be considered crude, it remained significant to every participating member.

After all the Collapsing Mountain warriors completed their tests, it was time for the other races to begin.

Chapman was unshaken. He always knew that the outsiders would outdo the Collapsing Mountain race.

The Collapsing Mountain race always had a great advantage over strength. The members' bodies were far more superior to that of others.

However, the body refining systems of non-Collapsing Mountain warriors were more advanced. Their bodies might not be as physically strong, but they had the ability to unlock their Path Platforms. Those who could unlock their Eight Path Platforms absorbed larger amounts of strength source.

In the past, the amount of strength source was always limited. But because Collapsing Mountain race walked into that mountain before others, they garnered much more strength source than others.

This year, the situation at Sacred Spring Mountain changed. The Collapsing Mountain warriors weren't the only ones who had obtained sufficient strength source. Warriors from the other races apparently harvested more than enough as well.

Foreign warriors used their cultivation methods to take advantage of the same strength, making it easier for them to surpass Collapsing Mountain race.


Chapman called out the name of the first foreign warrior.

Someone moved away from the crowd; it was a skinny old man. He was less than five feet tall, and resembled a dwarf as he stood in front of a group of Collapsing Mountain warriors.

Hunched over and stick thin, the old man slowly walked up to the rock and lightly nodded at Chapman.

As he approached, he

ces in their homeland.

This was like a sect that gave away its most precious resources and inheritances to others after years of development.

Such a thankless feat was no different from that of an idiot.

However, this was the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. All of the rules here were set by the races' ancestors, and even Chapman didn't have the power to change them. He could only strive for the greatest advantages of his race.

The old man stretched out his hand to rub his knuckle. With a proud expression on his face, he slightly nodded to the surrounding warriors and then stepped back into the crowd.

Despite his resentment, Chapman still remained calm and composed on the surface.

He announced the name of the next foreign warrior with the same cool, collected voice.

One by one, the warriors from the other races completed their tests.

Things were just as Chapman had expected. Warriors from other races displayed their strengths to the fullest potential — almost all exceeding the Collapsing Mountain race.

Most of them could push the golden rock one foot away and obtained the title of "mighty warrior". Another few warriors pushed the rock over five feet away and obtained the title of "super powerful warrior".

As it was known, the super powerful warrior was a very rare title. Even Chapman himself had only been a super powerful warrior in the past.

Surprisingly, this title wasn't too difficult to obtain among the foreign warriors. There were more than ten of them who were able to win the title, and one of them had even pushed the golden rock nine feet and three inches away.

Another seven inches and that warrior would have obtained the title of a wild king!

All warriors who were titled as a wild king enjoyed special privileges in the Collapsing Mountain race. The last person who had achieved this was Pascal, Laquisha's elder brother.

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