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   Chapter 1856 The Golden Rock

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Now, Zen's steps were as light as they had never been before.

When he first entered the territory of the Collapsing Mountain race with Laquisha, he was incomparably shocked, seeing the Collapsing Mountain people moving freely on the giant silver boulders.

With his half a year of experience in this place and after absorbing the strength source, the gravitational force had become nothing to him.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Having lived on the Sacred Spring Mountain for many years, the monstrous badgers had absorbed quite a bit of strength source.

Three monstrous badgers as large as barbarian cows pounced on Zen. The power within them was by no means small—even Teigan couldn't help but take a few steps back upon witnessing the scene.

He had placed all his hopes on Zen. While he wasn't certain about Zen's strength since the latter had only been in the Collapsing Mountain race for a short time, he had still absorbed so much strength source.

After shifting his posture, Zen took a step forward.

Before entering the Sacred Spring Mountain, his every move was incomparably clumsy. It was difficult for him to cross over a distance of twenty to thirty feet —it was like he had fallen into some invisible quagmire.

Now, the gravitational force had no effect on Zen.

His punches were unbelievably fast.

Pop, pop, pop!

Each the size of a raging bull, the three badgers froze midair before bursting apart. Their skin, flesh, and bones were busted until finally, they dissolved into blood and fell to the ground before Zen.

These badgers were considered to be at the top of the food chain at the bottom of the mountain. Once, they had surrounded and captured the Collapsing Mountain people, including even some warriors from other clans. But never had they thought a human's strength could be so terrifying.

As they wailed in agony, the rest of the monstrous badgers dispersed. How could they stay and face Zen after that?


Teigan took a deep breath.

Thinking of how Zen was treated in the Collapsing Mountain race, Teigan wasn't initially convinced of Zen's strength. And it wasn't just him, even the other warriors and clansmen weren't accepting it.

As far as they were concerned, Zen was merely relying on his natural talent, being unafraid of fire, to swindle resources from the Collapsing Mountain race. Whether or not he could really help the Collapsing Mountain race was a big question mark.

But now, Teigan saw it with his own eyes—he was truly convinced that Zen wasn't the same as the other foreign warriors.

Rubbing his fists and curling the corner of his mouth, Zen called him over. "Let's go!"

With a nod, Teigan followed him.

The huge cave sloped upward. Along the way, Zen encountered a few strange beasts.

But according to Teigan, these strange beasts weren't particularly powerful. They could actually be considered luc

pman had no clue that Zen was regretful about the entire lake full of strength source. Even if a True God submerged in it, they probably wouldn't be able to absorb it completely.

"Very good! Everyone, you've received the favor of the Sacred Spring Mountain. Follow me!" With an understanding nod, Chapman called everyone over.

After passing the Sacred Spring Mountain, many warriors had to undergo the Collapsing Mountain race test. After that, if the warriors from other races wanted to continue their cultivation here, they could choose to join the Collapsing Mountain race to go hunting. Of course, they could also choose to leave the race on their own.

According to the results of the test, the Collapsing Mountain race would put the warriors into different teams. As they were out to face powerful strange beasts, during the division of labor, everyone's strength was fully taken into account.

Under Chapman's lead, all the warriors began moving, returning to the Collapsing Mountain race.

On the giant square stood a massive golden rock about ten feet high. Under the light, it emitted a dazzling golden splendor as if it was pure gold.

It was even more solid and heavier than the silver rocks on the grounds within Collapsing Mountain race.

"They're back, Princess Royal," Kennan said as he watched the troops from a distance.

In this Sacred Spring Mountain test, Laquisha wasn't qualified to participate. Though she could stand up, it took everything for her to merely stagger forward—one could imagine how upset she was.

"Has Zen returned?" Laquisha asked. She was well aware of the death rate in the Sacred Spring Mountain. Usually, some unlucky individuals failed to return. Of course, she didn't want Zen to be such an unlucky warrior.

"Zen's there," Kennan replied. "The kid has safely passed the Sacred Spring Mountain's test…I wonder how far he'll manage to push the stone in the next test."

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