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   Chapter 1855 Gigantic Badger (Part Two)

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As the Eight-diagram Ball continued to submerge, it began to rotate underwater. The force of its rotation created a whirlpool and the strength source in the lake shot up, then eventually landed into the lake on the ceiling.

Zen was dumfounded as it happened so fast that he didn't have time to react.

He realized that someone was preventing him from taking the Eight-diagram Ball beyond the door. Fortunately, he hadn't stored the strength source in his space ring, otherwise, he couldn't imagine what could have happened.

There must be an almighty elder watching over this place and whoever would step in this place.

Beyond Zen's knowledge, the Eight-diagram Ball didn't just return to its original location, but the mountain was also completely repaired. Even the hole that the barbarian bee queen inflicted on it had vanished like it didn't happen at all.

As soon as the ball exited, the stone door slowly began to close. Once again, Teigan and Zen were covered in complete darkness. Their eyes adjusted to the dark, but they still couldn't see anything.

There was only one path on this other side of the door and each side was covered with silver rocks. They figured that it was the only path they could take. Without saying a word, Teigan and Zen had thought of the same thing – all the bizarre things in this place were orchestrated by a person and that person could be by their side right now.

The two decided to move forward along the path in silence. But before they could even take a step, a blinding light suddenly flashed in front of them. They felt as if they had passed through a dark and narrow tunnel before finally entering an extremely wide cave.

As their eyes adjusted to the light, they looked around and was surprised to see piles of silver rocks behind them.

Zen and

e two. Teigan was not yet prepared to face this kind of creature. In the Collapsing Mountain race, only grown-up men could kill monstrous badgers.

Zen nodded. Unlike Teigan, Zen was equipped with skills to defeat these monstrous badgers. He was just worried that there was not enough space to use all his strength. With a push at his feet, he rushed towards them.

Zen and Teigan were easy prey for these monstrous badgers. They split up, intending to surround their prey so they wouldn't escape.

But they didn't expect that Zen had no intention of escaping. Instead, he was the first to launch an attack at them.


One of the badgers roared as a warning to the rest. Three of the badgers quickly responded and, they attacked towards Zen.

These badgers had an unbelievable intelligence unlike any other creatures in the mountain. They could quickly react against an attack and knew how to work as a team to defeat their enemies.

Their extraordinary strength and agility were their advantage over any creature. With these, they could easily triumph over any ordinary warriors.

But their luck had seemingly run out as this time, it was no ordinary warrior. They had finally met Zen!

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