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   Chapter 1854 Gigantic Badger (Part One)

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According to Teigan, although the paths of the Sacred Spring Mountain were quite complicated, they would still lead to the main road at the bottom of the mountain. One could follow the main road from the bottom of the mountain to the top and find their way back to the Collapsing Mountain race.

If this was true, then the path that Zen had taken should lead them to the main road. From his calculations, they should be at the bottom of the Sacred Spring Mountain by now.

However, it seemed that they were led to a dead end. Instead of the main road, the two discovered a cave in a sealed-off area - a place that no one had entered before.

Looking around, Zen realized that the door in front of him was the only way out. Would he be able to leave this place?

The situation was starting to get frustrating. But Zen had already made up his mind. If this place turned out to be a dead-end, he would turn back to where he came from and start again!

The most challenging and difficult part of the Sacred Spring Mountain was the solid silver rock. Its surface was extremely smooth, not even a curb or a lump that one could hold onto, thus making it hard to climb.

In this situation, all the strength source that Zen had absorbed could be put to good use. Now that his power had increased drastically, it had changed the course of the situation.

Standing at the front of the stone door, Teigan was the first to try his luck. He placed his hands against the stone door, took a deep breath, and pushed it.


Teigan put all his energy into his arms and hands; and as a great force flowed into his body, his veins and muscles suddenly bulged.

The strength source had increased Teigan's strength exponentially, and he felt reborn. He pushed against the door with all his m

ack, looked at the door, and smirked. Alas, the door was finally open. It wasn't fully opened, but the crack was enough for the two of them to pass through.

"I knew you could do it! Awesome!" A ray of hope shone from Teigan's eyes.

It was a custom in the Collapsing Mountain race to revere Hercules. The ideology of this race was quite simple: they honored the strongest. Aside from the prophet, the Collapsing Mountain race also worshiped the most powerful and strongest being. Even outsiders would get a chance to lead this race if they proved themselves worthy.

The world on the other side of the door was dark. But Zen didn't hesitate and went into that dark side through the door. Teigan followed suit.

But the moment Zen stepped into the other side of the door, something unexpected suddenly happened – a bright light emitted from within the Eight-diagram Ball in his hand. Zen could sense bizarre aura coming from the ball. In an instant, the ball escaped from Zen's hand and rapidly flew outside the door towards the direction where the two came from. After flying a great distance, the ball fell into the lake of strength source and a loud splashing sound could be heard.

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