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   Chapter 1853 Changing Gravity

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"You finally stopped..."

Teigan from the Collapsing Mountain race stared at Zen in awe. He couldn't understand how Zen was able to absorb so many drops of strength source.

A quarter of the strength source in the huge lake had been absorbed by Zen.

After he stopped his absorption, Zen finally opened his eyes. A shadow of a smile played on his lips as he swam towards the shore from the middle of the lake.

"You... How did you absorb so much strength source?" Teigan asked, awestruck.

Zen winked as he said, "I drank it."

"Nonsense..." Teigan whispered. He thought about how Zen could have drank it.

When Zen reversed the strength source in the lake, the strength source in the countless caves within the Sacred Spring Mountain also reversed, as well as the strength source that was originally unreachable.

The strength source's features were already known to the Collapsing Mountain race, as they had protected the strength source for countless years and thus had already performed extensive research on it.

The Collapsing Mountain race considered the strength source as animate, which meant that after a period of time, it would be reversed. The strength source that was originally pooled on the floor would flow up to the ceiling as soon as people entered the Sacred Spring Mountain. The strength source would continue to meander along the ceiling.

Due to the nature of the strength source, most martial artists who entered the Sacred Spring Mountain were only able to obtain a very small amount of strength source.

This reversal often occurred after a martial artist had entered the mountain. There were only a handful of martial artists that managed to capture a portion of the strength source before the backflow.

However, due to a lucky accident, Zen had explored an undiscovered path and found the key item to control the flow of the strength source. It was the Eight-diagram Ball which he held in his hand.

At that moment, in every corner of the Sacred Spring Mountain, the vast majority of martial artists were ecstatic.

In a long and narrow cave, the strength source formed a stream that lazily flowed above. Three martial artists traveled together, but all they were able to do was staring at the strength source flowing above their heads, unreachable.

They focused their attention more on the stone walls around the cave, as they hoped to find a few drops of strength source embedded within.

Right then, the gravity of the strength source suddenly reversed. The strength source at the ceiling of the cave began to fall down like a rain shower, and caused the three martial artists to rejoice.

Scenes like this were common all across the entire Sacred Spring Mountain. Other than Zen and T

ight-diagram Ball in his hand again.


Gravity reversed.

Zen and Teigan took a step forward simultaneously. They didn't fall down to nowhere, but landed on the narrow passageway above.

This time, both of them landed safely. They walked forward upside down on the passageway.

They walked along this path for two miles. The end of this passageway once again formed a fault. However, another passageway appeared below the two of them.

"Come on!"

Zen switched the gravitational force again, and the two of them fell down from the passageway above into the one below.

This was a very strange path. They needed to rely on this Eight-diagram Ball to constantly change the direction of gravity; sometimes downwards, sometimes upwards.

When they got used to the changing gravity, they eventually relaxed.

The tragic predicament of the other warriors inside the Sacred Spring Mountain was another matter.

They had just started getting used to the reversed gravity when it suddenly changed. They struck against the ceiling of the cave, and when the gravity shifted once again, they smashed down ferociously. They were completely confused by the constantly changing gravity. Had the Sacred Spring Mountain gone crazy?

All sorts of curses were heard throughout. However, none of them were able to change the direction of the gravitational force. They could only try their best to endure it.

There were some martial artists that figured out a way to avoid being tossed about so willy-nilly. After falling down twice and realizing that the situation would repeat itself, they held tightly on stone pillars or stuck themselves in cracks.

Eventually, after Zen and Teigan had walked on the passageways above and below, they finally reached the end. A stone door appeared in front of the two warriors.

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