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   Chapter 1852 Nine Divine Stars

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Zen had mastered the Primal Chaos Technique with his weapon-like body, and at the time, the inner world had undergone a fundamental change.

If the Grand Weapon Refining Method allowed Zen to embark on a completely different path of body refinement, then the Primal Chaos Technique would allow him to embark on a completely different path of life vitality cultivation.

The Genuine Dragons weren't sure if the inner world built on the foundation of chaos could really evolve into another divine land. They weren't even sure just how far Zen could go on this path.

But they knew that if he continued on this path, Zen would reach heights that they couldn't even imagine.

The strength source went down from Zen's chest all the way to his cinnabar field and then into his inner world.

Zen's inner world had grown larger and larger, and the species that were born within it had become more and more abundant.

An ape made its way through the bushes, feeding on sweet berries.

This ape had already evolved into a bit of intelligence, and knew how to avoid some of the land's ferocious beasts and poisonous bugs. It was interested in getting to the end of the land, where the massive tree was.

There seemed to be something special about that tree, something that exuded a great attractive force.

But despite its strength, it still was unable to climb such a tall World Tree.

The ape had harvested an impressive amount today. Once it had plucked quite a few berries, it decided to return to its cave. There were still some little apes there, crying out in joy.

An explosion shook the ground, causing the ape to tremble in fear.

It finally raised its head and looked up at the sky for the first time.

The deep sky attracted the ape's attention. This was the first time that any living being within Zen's inner world had consciously looked up at the sky.

Just what kind of place was in the depths of the sky?

What was that place outside the sky?

The ape already knew how to think. But the concept of 'sky' did not exist in its mind.

It was just instinctively curious and thinking.

The explosion had barely died down when a colorful line appeared in the sky.

This line looked like a rainbow snake on the ground and frightened the ape.

The snake circled in the air, as if it wanted to split the sky open.

It wasn't long before the snake began to curl up into a ball, looking like some kind of unknown round fruit.

The strength source was a fatal attraction for all living beings, even for those within Zen's inner

med, with Zen at the center of it.

One could only imagine the ferocity of Zen's absorption of the strength source, given this turbulence.

At this rate of absorption, 'drop' could no longer be used to measure it.

"How is this possible?"

Even if the entire Collapsing Mountain race jumped into the lake and began to frantically absorb the strength source, they still wouldn't be able to achieve such a result. How much strength source could this guy hold? Would he completely absorb all of it? It couldn't be!

This terrifying thought suddenly occurred to Teigan.

The Collapsing Mountain race relied on their strength source.

If Zen were to completely absorb the strength source, things would not look good.

Zen was at the center of this whirlpool as it churned. He continuously infused the strength source into his inner world and condensed it into the nine stars.

The light of the nine stars became brighter and brighter, illuminating Zen's inner world, to the point where it became hard to distinguish between these seven colors. They began to turn into a blinding light, the color of the sun. Zen's body had produced seven suns.

When the process of creating the Nine Divine Stars had reached a certain degree, Zen's inner world began to tremble, and the chaotic sea began to surge.

The seven suns emitted a massive gravitational force that triggered the tide in the chaotic sea.

Zen had stopped absorbing because even if his inner world was special, there was still a limit to the strength source he could bear. If he were to continue absorbing it, the gravitational force from the strength source could cause a mess within his inner world, and could even tear it apart.

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