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   Chapter 1851 A Miniature Divine Land (Part Two)

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Zen was very aware that this kind of treatment was special. Unique, in a way. And it was also notably quite rare in the divine land.

In any case, it was only the Holy Beings' disciples that were actually capable of extracting strength source like this. Holy Beings used this absorbed strength source to build the universes.

Undoubtedly, this strength source was more than just precious in the eyes of the Holy Beings. They needed this strength in order to continue building, and taking the decision to have it absorbed was difficult for them due to the constant extraction of their power.

As for the master of Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, why he was so willing to have all his personal strength source extracted. That was and would remain a mystery. The master shared his strength source with the living creatures around him.

By the time all the Path Platforms were completed, each of them flashing dazzling ray of light, a solid five minutes had passed. For Zen though, it was like having traveled entire lifetimes of numerous body refiners. Not only that, but his Path Platforms were the purest ones around and they were already in their most perfect stage - without any cracks or flaws!


His Eight Path Platforms were completed.

Slowly, the vortexes that had earlier been created within all parts of Zen's body began to gradually dissipate into thin air. The absorption of the strength source equally slowed before coming to a complete stop.

"The Eight Path Platforms have been formed. Now, you can prepare for the Nine Divine Stars!" Making him jump slightly in surprise, the red dragon's voice sounded once again in his mind.

Zen kept his eyes firmly closed.

Following the patterns the red dragon had sent him, Zen continued to absorb the strength source. There wasn't much left, thanks to the vortexes, and now with the red dragon's encouragement, Zen felt capable of finishing the job.

Quickly after the strength source was absorbed, it began circulating within Zen's cinnabar field.

For a body refiner, having the Nine Div

In a way, Zen was a small "Holy Being". In fact, he could even be stronger than one.

The inner world created by the Holy Being was formed from life vitality, and was limited by the heavens. If any living creature within it wanted to transcend this boundary, they would have to comprehend the Godly Way in order to obtain the qualifications for crossing the heavens and entering the divine land.

As for Zen's inner world, it was on a whole new level. It was instead formed from chaotic energy and without restriction from the heavens, all living creatures could leave his inner world directly!

Looking at it from this angle, Zen's inner world was most definitely not just any ordinary world. It was far from an ordinary universe, even. This was a divine land... A miniature divine land!

Yes, the nine Genuine Dragons had chosen Zen for their own purpose. They wished to return to their own land, to guide Zen in his search for the truth, and they wished that he would ultimately help them seek revenge.

Which gave reason as to why the Grand Weapon Refining Method had been used on Zen, resulting in his unique body and capacity.

As soon as Zen entered the fairy palace and started practicing the Primal Chaos Technique, the situation had already begun to take a turn for the better. Zen's cultivation had begun progressing beyond any dragon's wildest expectations.

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