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   Chapter 1850 A Miniature Divine Land (Part One)

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When compared to a warrior of the same level as he, Zen's physical body was obviously much stronger than most. In terms of his body's capacity though, he sometimes found himself facing certain limitations. Now was one of those times.

The numerous strength source surrounding Zen was constantly and continuously absorbed by his body. The strength filled him in the deepest places of his inner self, including his bones, muscles, organs, and spine.

This form of strength absorption created an ultimate increase of power within Zen. It was as though his body and mind were always alert and crystal clear. He felt inexhaustible, invincible and most of all, Zen felt abundant.

At the moment though, the strength source to be absorbed was far greater in amount than Zen had ever faced before. His body worked hard, the numerous strength filling him more and more. It didn't take too long before the feeling of wonderful abundance began to transform into the harsh sensation of being full.

And he recognized the feeling of fullness. He knew what it meant, too. It meant his capacity of absorption had nearly reached its limit - and yet, so much strength source remained.

This sensation had overcome him once before, when he had borrowed the dragon scales' power. With so much strength to be contained within one single person, Zen's body couldn't bear the load. He had stopped just in time back then.

Zen equally knew that if he forcibly absorbed the strength source, his body wouldn't hold and would easily disintegrate. Of course, this was something he had to avoid at all costs. But what to do now?

Staring out at the strength source before him, Zen realized he had absorbed less than a ten thousandth of it all. He was drenched with a stressed sweat and felt overwhelmingly discouraged. His feeling was comparable to a person leaving a treasure mountain empty handed; the problem was, there were simply too many treasures to choose from.

"The strength source here can help you break through the Eight Path Platforms. This is a one of a kind opportunity, so make the most of it..."

A faint voice spoke from the depths of Zen's mind.

ing absorbed a hundred thousand drops of strength source himself now had virtually no consequence. And yet before, he had felt so full!

Zen brought his focus and strength back to absorbing the strength source. Path Platforms, sparkling and enticing with a dazzling shine, appeared at the opening of the eight vortexes.

The Eight Path Platforms of body refiner often twisted off and formed different shapes, but most of them were milky white Path Platforms. This was because most body refiners would form their own Path Platforms based on the rare white bones. However, Zen's Path Platforms were seven-colored.

This strength source was so enormous, so great, it was indescribable. Assuredly, no such strength source could exist within the universe. If something of the kind did exist, then it was no doubt much, much smaller in size. And of course, there wouldn't be half as many drops of strength source to be absorbed!

It would be completely impossible for an ordinary warrior to find such a large amount of strength source. Even if Laquisha's brother got really lucky or had great karma going for him, there was no way he would ever find such an amazing amount of strength source. In other words, her brother couldn't even compare himself with Zen's gaining.

Straightly put, Zen had to spend every drop of strength source he could muster in order to build his Eight Path Platforms and form his most solid foundation.

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