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   Chapter 1849 Reversal

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Soon, the surrounding scenery transformed rapidly.

Earlier, the journey route comprised of natural primitive caves. But later on, the landscape changed, revealing a lake and a flat mountain wall. The structures seemed to be man-made.

There was also a grey dusky, unidentifiable object circling endlessly in the empty lake below.

Zen and Teigan, staying close to the boundary, swiftly moved ahead. Since there was no other way, they decided to see what existed at the end of the path.

The man-made lake was only about three miles long. At the end of the lake, there was a long and narrow passage.

When they reached the end of the lake, they discovered that the bottom of the passage was an endless pit!

Zen and Teigan looked at each other, clueless about the next step. Then Teigan took out a wooden stick from his coat and waved it in the air. And the end of the stick suddenly burst into flames.

Teigan threw the flaming stick down into the pit.

The two of them saw the flames increasingly become smaller for a long time before disappearing deep inside the pit.

Teigan despairingly said, "What do we do now? We cannot even make out its end!"

When they fell from above and reached the artificial lake, they were already deep in the depths of the Sacred Spring Mountain. They had absolutely no clue as to where they would reach, if they went inside this pit. They were not even sure if they would make out alive with the strong attraction force.

"It seems like this place is also a dead end. There is no other way out now," Teigan said anxiously. He was afraid of being trapped to death and now that was definitely happening.

"There's a way," Zen said suddenly.

"What! Where is it?" Teigan hurriedly asked.

Zen raised his hand and pointed upwards.

The passageway in front of them had formed into a vault, above which there was another passageway, embedded on the ceiling.

"This way!" Teigan soon discovered that the passage beneath their feet was connected to the passage above their head. The problem was that they were unable to pass through it.

If only they could fly, they wouldn't have to go through all these problems.

Zen's eyes narrowed as he turned around and looked at the lake behind him.

After Zen entered the Sacred Spring Mountain, he discovered that the strength source reversed and flowed in the opposite direction.

The reverse system seemed to be carried across the strength source. If that was the case, then there had to be some sort of mechanism within the Sacred Spring Mountain that controlled the reverse system.

For the time being, seeing the passageway hang from the ceiling lifted Zen's spirit.

The secret path in front of them was definitely designed to allow people to pass t

moment, Teigan also reached the dusky mist and was about to warn Zen not to touch the object. If Zen wasn't careful enough and triggered some mechanism, they would die there.

But before he could say anything, Zen had already opened it.


If a bowl of water was poured, it would cause ripple and commotion. Imagine what the entire strength source of the lake could create!

After the attraction force was reversed, the strength source descended from the artificial lake above their heads to the artificial lake below, immediately dousing Zen and Teigan.

Teigan was speechless at this sight. So this was it! This was the whole strength source of the lake! Was it really that easy to get it?

The strength source kept pouring continuously in the artificial lake below. After a long time, Zen and Teigan finally floated up from the bottom of the lake.

"I... I will absorb all the strength source now! Ha-ha!" Teigan was ecstatic after seeing this! By absorbing a small amount of the strength source, he might become the future leader of the Collapsing Mountain race. Imagine his powers if he could absorb the entire strength source!

Earlier, Teigan had doubts about becoming powerful, but now he could brush those thoughts aside.

But at the same time, he knew that he could absorb only a limited portion of the strength source.

Although Teigan was physically stronger than the warriors of other races, there was still a limit. If he absorbed the entire strength source, his physical body would soon reach its saturation point.

In the meantime, Zen was quietly floating on the lake, advancing ahead. His thirst for strength was many times greater than that of Teigan. His capacity to absorb the maximum amount of strength was also higher. Soon, he was completely focused on devouring the entire strength source!

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