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   Chapter 1847 A Seven-colored River

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There was still a certain distance between the barbarian bee queen and Zen.

But if the barbarian bee queen took a step forward, it would be extremely difficult for Zen and his companion to avoid it.

Pop, pop, pop!

With this bubbling sound, three barbarian bee stings once again shot towards the rock wall behind the two of them.

At first, it sounded like the silvery rock was being boiled, like hot water. However, it slowly changed and began to flow smoothly. One could only imagine the strong and corrosive power that was enclosed within these barbarian bee stings.

The hole was already the size of a fist. As it continued to corrode, the hole became bigger and bigger!

Within a matter of seconds, a hole that was huge enough to fit a human head appeared. And that was exactly what they wanted.

"You can go now," Zen murmured.

Usually, if the hole was big enough to fit one's head, then the body could get in just fine. However, the stout guy who stood next to Zen seemed to have a problem. Just by glancing at it, he was skeptical if he could enter. And Zen, looking at him, realized the doubt that was going on in his mind.

Teigan's face turned red when he became aware of this fact. Moreover, he began to tremble as well, wondering what would happen to him. There was a part of him that worried Zen would leave him alone to face the barbarian bee queen.

But that didn't happen. In the end, Zen decided he wouldn't enter alone. Instead, he continued to lure the barbarian bee queen to shoot out the stings.

The barbarian bee queen shook its tail to send out the barbarian bee stings and crawled towards the two of them. Tactfully, the two of them moved around the small hole, hoping to lure the barbarian bee queen to shoot stings onto the part around the small hole.

Under the dire situation, this was their only hope. They secretly prayed that the luck would be on their side. After all, they couldn't control the barbarian bee queen's aim. Sometimes, when the barbarian bee stings were too accurate, they would directly drill into the small hole.

However, as the stings kept shooting over, more and more rocks behind them started to melt. In the end, a large hole was created, just like they wanted.

However, before they could relish their success, the barbarian bee queen began to increase its speed. The barbarian bee stings on its tail were now shooting extremely fast. This made it hard for the two of them to dodge them. With his huge body, Teigan, especially, had a tough time defending himself. The barbarian bee stings came very close to getting him.

Realizing it wasn't safe to stay out any longer, the two of them quickly entered the big hole.

Since the stings drifting into the cave didn't make any sound, the two of them knew with certainty that the back of the cave was empty. The moment they entered the cave, the two of them began to descend rapidly. Once they were in, Zen could even see the two stings flying above their heads.

"That barbarian bee queen wouldn't chase us, right?"

Zen turned his head to take a look, only to see that the barbarian bee queen had stuck out a pair of huge eyes from the hole and retracted them in the end!

Under such high-intensity gravity, if they were to fall too far, even Zen was likely to

igan didn't know; he wasn't afraid of poisons.

"You will…You will die…" Seeing Zen drink so much in one gulp, Teigan's mouth was wide open. "Actually, these larvae won't kill you. You could just pick them out with a knife…"

Zen wiped the corner of his mouth and passed the small bottle to Teigan, smiling faintly. "This is very little poison. I will be fine!"

As he stopped speaking, the poison started to spread continuously through Zen's meridians. The larva eggs that had infiltrated Zen's skin seemed to feel an indescribable fear towards him as they continued to leave his skin.

In a matter of seconds, most of the larva eggs fell to the ground like rice grains after they crawled out. That rattan poison was the nemesis of these larva eggs. Taking just a bit of poison, they would die.

All this while, Teigan had been staring at Zen in utter shock. He found it hard to believe in Zen's words. However, seeing he had faced no difficulty after consuming the poison, Teigan realized it was indeed true. It seemed that nothing bad would happen to him.

Therefore, he understood that besides not being afraid of flames, Zen was also immune to all poisons. 'Isn't that amazing?' he thought with awe.

Soon, they cleaned up and got rid of the larva eggs. After this, they both began to survey the environment.

After he lifted his head, Zen's eyes suddenly lit up. He could already see a bit of seven-colored spring water hidden within the strange rocks on the mountain wall. There was actually quite a lot of strength source there!

With its constant reversal and flowing characteristics, the strength source hadn't fallen into the upper regions of the ceiling must have been because it was wrapped by these rugged and strange stones.

Suddenly, a thought occurred in his mind.

Zen subconsciously looked up and his entire body froze!

Teigan had sensed that something was off with Zen. Similarly, he followed Zen's gaze and lifted his head to look above. His burly figure immediately trembled.

Above their heads, there was actually a seven-colored river that was undoubtedly formed from strength source. They watched it flow, as if it was a dream watercolor painting.

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