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   Chapter 1846 Melting Rock Wall

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The barbarian bee queen didn't have any wings, and looked more like a large worm than a bee. Its tail was stuck up like a scorpion's, with a cluster of black thorns on its tip!

The barbarian bee queen looked bloated and heavy, but its movements were quick. When Zen blocked its black light, its twelve posterior legs moved rapidly and charged towards Zen at a tremendously fast speed.

When Zen saw the queen charging forwards, he turned back and ran!

Zen looked back at Teigan of Collapsing Mountain race and saw that he was already thousand feet ahead. Zen's lips couldn't help but twitch in a small smile. It seemed that the Collapsing Mountain race wasn't as fearless as they seemed.

However, Teigan couldn't be blamed. His courage was based on his ability of being able to take a gamble.

Escaping from the barbarian bee queen was something that anyone with an ounce of sense would have done.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

At that moment, Zen was also intensely focused. Every step his feet made was executed with extreme precision. His movement speed was even faster than Teigan!

Teigan was raised in the Collapsing Mountain race since he was born. He was also one of the most outstanding younger generation members. Zen might even lose to him in a contest of pure strength.

However, the Collapsing Mountain race was accustomed to only using their strength to its maximum. They did not know much about moves, techniques, etc. In this type of ecological environment, they did not need to master all. Different races lived in various environments, so the path of different races varied.

As Teigan ran ahead, he occasionally turned his head back to check Zen. When he saw the barbarian bee queen behind Zen, it grimaced as if it ate something bad. Teigan sprinted forward with all his might.

In general, the test at Sacred Spring Mountain wasn't too risky, but there was still a certain death rate. Every year, during the coming-of-age ceremony, the Collapsing Mountain race would lose three or four people. Some of the other races' warriors would also die in Sacred Spring Mountain.

However, being killed by the barbarian bee queen was even more unlucky. After all, this thing shouldn't have been here in the first place.

As Teigan ran, his thoughts went wild, and his distracted mind failed to focus on his next step. He missed!

He was stunned for a moment before he rolled downwards again. He was incredibly curious as to why there was such a huge pit here!

When Zen saw Teigan's figure disappear suddenly in front of him, he immediately understood that Teigan had fallen down.

A spark of hope lit up on Zen's face.

If he continued on this straight path, he would be caught by the barbarian bee queen sooner or later and be killed for sure! A passageway that led downwards wo

ian bee stings grew out from its tail again, and it looked like there were more stings than before.

"Well, forget it. I didn't say anything…" The flicker of hope that had just ignited in Teigan's eyes was immediately quenched once again.

Zen also furrowed his brows. He thought of the same thing, but at that moment he suddenly felt a chill behind his back. When he turned around, a strange look appeared on his face!

"Look behind us, quick!" he reminded Teigan.

Teigan looked backward and immediately revealed an ecstatic expression.

The stone wall behind them was the end of the path. As the barbarian bee queen had shot three stings at the wall, a fist-sized hole had been punched into it!

This hole was so deep that one couldn't see the bottom. A cool breeze blew through it.

"So this rock wall is actually very thin!"

Teigan's face was filled with surprise as he smashed his fist against another part of the wall, hoping that he could use his brute force to break it.

However, this silver rock was too hard for their fists. Even if it was just a thin layer of rock, it wasn't something they could break. Maybe Chapman could break through it.

Zen shook his head and could do nothing but sigh at the fellow's stupidity. He quietly nocked an arrow onto the longbow again.

"Prepare to dodge," Zen said as he released the bowstring.

He hadn't expected the arrow to kill the barbarian bee queen. He was now luring it to continue shooting its stings so the rock wall would be opened behind them. That would give them a chance to escape!

Although Teigan's brain was not working at the moment, the barbarian bee queen was even worse. It was its instinct to immediately retaliate after it received an attack

The barbarian bee queen was unwittingly extremely cooperative. As Zen's arrow shot out, it also shot out three beams of black light.

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