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   Chapter 1843 Bee Nest

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At the top of the cave, just about a hundred feet away from Zen's head, was the calm pool of the seven-colored spring water.

Zen took in his surroundings and decided to make a detour. The fastest way up was to climb up. Unfortunately, the impossibly smooth walls of the cave made this an impossibility.


There was only a muffled sound as Zen's fist made contact with the cave wall. He wanted to smash a foothold, but his current strength was not enough to break through the silver rock.


Zen could only sigh. The pool of strength source was only above him, but it seemed to ignore gravity itself. It didn't flow downwards but went wherever it wanted.

The young man frowned in frustration. Was there really no way to get up there? He stood in deep thought for a while before a glimmer of hope flashed in his eyes.

He had fallen into the mountain stream just now. The strength source in the mountain stream crevice was also reversed and seemed to change direction as it flowed downwards. The direction of the flow was extremely strange.

Could it be that the strength source in this Sacred Spring Mountain was bound to reverse its flow after a set period of time?

His faze fell on the protruded rock next to him. There was still a drop of strength source left at the bottom of the rock meaning that the strength source here had indeed been reversed.

The strength source should've already been at his feet, but after the reversal, it all rushed to the top of the cave and gathered in a small pool.

'If there is another reversal, then the strength source in the small pond is set to fall down again!' he thought.

Based on his observations, his conclusion should be correct.

Zen carefully examined the ground beneath his feet. The silver rock was riddled with potholes as if it had been eroded by the water for a long time. Most importantly, there was a drop of source strength left behind which was his most solid proof.

It was only one drop, but it quickly captured Zen's attention.

He stretched his hand and touched the drop with his finger.

The droplet immediately began to change into magnificent colors, as if the entire rainbow had been compressed into it. It looked more like a beautiful gemstone than a drop of liquid.

Zen took this droplet in his hand and turned his palm downward. If he turned his hand

t he felt as if the reversal of gravity in this cave was not natural and was actually caused by someone controlling it.

After some thought, Zen left and decided to continue exploring the depths of the cave.

The strength source of the Sacred Spring Mountain was widely distributed and could be seen everywhere. He was just unlucky since he had been unable to obtain some despite being so close.

As he walked, the cave sloped downwards.

Zen no longer felt the wind or any chaotic gravitational force. There also didn't seem to be any trace of strength source.

After the downward slope, the terrain then became flat and he continued walking for a few thousand feet more.

The light grew dimmer and Zen was forced to activate his magic vision. In front of him was a huge round ball!

As he got closer, he saw that there were fist-sized objects that were going in and out of the ball. These objects were not too big but there was a powerful hum caused by the vibrations of their wings.

"A nest. This is the nest of barbarian bees," he mumbled to himself.

Chapman had told him that not only was there strength source in the Sacred Spring Mountain, there was also a considerable amount of beasts.

These creatures were nurtured by the strength source so it was only understandable that their power was terrifying.

Barbarian bees were one of the more common strange beasts in the cave. They were only the size of his fist but they could not be taken lightly.

Zen had eaten barbarian bees' pupae before but he had no plans of provoking them right now.

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