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   Chapter 1842 A Pool

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As the strength source gushed out, it landed upon a hollow path in the cave where it flowed and seeped into a crack on the wall.

"So this is the strength source. The strength of the Holy Being?"

Strength was originally formless. For example, the strength Zen exerted in lifting a rock would be unseen and intangible—it took no visible shape or form.

However, the strength source was in liquid form and it was the source of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

After a Holy Being constructed a new world, their soul, perception, strength, and life vitality would fuse into its every corner in the form of a source.

The Holy Being who built this Divine Refinement Forbidden Land had thrown his own strength source into this place.

This strength source came in the form of this seven-colored spring water that attracted Zen greatly. It wasn't just him. Any living creature that came upon such a wonder would never be able to keep calm.

However, Zen had a strong resolve and managed to keep a level head.

According to Chapman, it was already considered fortunate for the Collapsing Mountain warriors to swallow a mouthful of strength source upon entering this place. It wasn't unusual for people to often come back empty-handed after their search.

Zen looked at the flowing stream in front of him. He was sure that there was more than a single mouthful there. In fact, there was so much to fill an entire barrel with.

What would happen if he devoured so much strength source? Zen wasn't really sure but Chapman told him that it wasn't really a possibility. He, himself, only managed to drink a little more than ten mouthfuls of spring water back then. Fortunately, it was enough for him to become the Collapsing Mountain race's leader.

After a split second of hesitation, Zen quickly shook it off and carefully made his way to the rocks.

He was about a thousand feet away from the strength source and he could hear the howling of the wind as he pushed on forwards.

As he approached, Zen thought it better to crawl. The wind was strong and he didn't want to be drawn into it now that the strength source was so close. If the wind swept him away, he wouldn't know where he'd land.

The seven-colored spring got closer and closer as he crawled.

A faint fragrance emanated from the spring.

"This spring water has a scent?"

Its fragrance was extremely tempting. Every inch tow

is strength source was here, except it was too far for him to reach. There was no way he could drink from it like this.

Zen tried whatever method to break through the gravitational forces' restraints but to no avail.

He was completely stuck there, floating in a void with his goal just past his reach.

Zen gritted his teeth and, just as he was about to try another method, he saw the water's flow suddenly change. It now flowed downwards!

'Is it because the gravitational forces changed?'

As he thought of this, he suddenly felt the equilibrium of gravitational forces supporting him disappear.

He didn't have time to react as his body was once again subject to the gravitational force from above as he was pushed up with incredible speed.


As he flew, Zen once again returned to the place he had landed on earlier. From there, he saw the strength source gathered into a small stream not too far away.

Unfortunately, he still wasn't in possession of his limbs. Zen was continuously pulled upwards, way past where he landed.


In the end, Zen slammed his back onto the ceiling and tumbled down, falling into a strange cave.

A rock protruded in front of him and right below it was a drop of strength source.

This drop wasn't hanging underneath the stone; rather, it seemed to be affected by the gravitational force and "fell" towards the top. It was only blocked by the stone which was why it sat underneath it.

A look of joy appeared on Zen's face when he raised his head to look at the ceiling.

A pool of strength source gathered at the top of the cave!

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