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   Chapter 1840 Strength Increase

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For Zen to have improved so quickly, the Collapsing Mountain race must have devoted all their effort to his training.

However, it was the innate strength of Zen's body that made the most difference.

He had never tested the strength of his human body during this period of time. However, based on his repeated ascension, it was safe to assume that his physical body had now reached the level of a supreme divine weapon.

Usually, when a martial artist joined the Collapsing Mountain race to train their body, their training consisted of two parts.

One part was body refining. The other part was strength refining.

After all, entering the Collapsing Mountain race was every warrior's way of gaining strength. Whenever warriors stayed with the race, they experienced a notable strength increase.

However, as was true for most things, there was a limit. When a martial artist's strength reached a certain degree, it became stagnant.

Due to their bodies' inability to withstand immense power, this was bound to happen.

In the past, when Zen used the cyan dragon's strength, he had encountered the same issue and was unable to make full use of his power.

Now that Zen was no longer facing the same problem, his improvement was naturally swift.

After half a year of living and training with the Collapsing Mountain race, Zen gained a rough understanding of them. More importantly, he also gained insight into the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land's various life forms.

In an ordinary universe, a martial artist's greatest dream was to transcend it. By succeeding, they would escape the cycles of the heavens and enter the divine land. However, if they could take on a Heavenly Destiny and become a Supreme Lord, they would also feel like their life had meaning. The warriors in all universes would agree that these two were the ultimate dreams.

It was these two dream that urged them to continue their journey toward the peak of martial arts, no matter how difficult it proved to be.

The structure of the universe was very stable. From the Lower World to the Upper World, from the nature creature to the Supreme Lord, no martial artist was exempt from following the same progression.

However, the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was different.

There were some notable differences between the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land and a typical universe built by a Holy Being.

First of all, the heavens had no equivalent in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. All sorts of powers were in disarray here. Many would consider it simple and primitive.

For instance, for a body refiner, it would be exacting to cultivate a substantial strength in the universe. However, there were at least 13 people stronger than a Supreme Lord in the Collapsing Mountain race. As for Chapman, his strength was unfathomable.

In addition, each person from the Collapsing Mountain race, including each newborn, was comparable to a world lord. These babies were lucky, as they weren't as affected by gravity as the average world lords from outside were. World lords who entered this place were unable to move freely at first bec

e face to face with what they had been preparing for.

Zen, the Collapsing Mountain clansmen, and many other martial artists from the other races stood in front of the mountain up north.

This mountain was a shiny white color, making it look like it was cast in silver.

Chapman led the group to the foot of the mountain and stopped. "This is Sacred Spring Mountain, where our strength source lies. How much strength you can obtain will depend on your fortune and on what you've learned so far!"

The strength source flowed all year round, but even the Collapsing Mountain race had only one chance in a year to come and see it. When a martial artist from another race entered the Collapsing Mountain race to train, it would be safe to assume that their goal was to come along during this journey.

The martial artists present were rubbing their hands together, and their eyes shone with greed. Everyone there was well aware just how precious the strength source was. Concentrated here was the strength source of the entire Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

This type of thing existed in other universes as well, but they did so quite rarely. A single drop of the strength source could cause a huge controversy, and the conditions for its birth in an area were extremely harsh.

In a more ideal inner world, the different sources of strength would be more evenly distributed throughout the universe, making them almost impossible to collect with usual resources.

Here in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, however, these kinds of strength sources were concentrated. Another way to look at it was that the owner of this land had probably never planned to build a complete universe. This explained the existence of a concentrated strength source. Although the owner was a Holy Being, the strength source was placed at random instead of evenly being distributed. The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land had been created this way.

In other words, the power contained within this strength source was equal to that of a whole universe. One could only imagine how valuable it was.

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