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   Chapter 1839 Fortuitous Encounters And Dangers

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Taking a great deal of responsibility, Kennan had brought the Princess Royal into the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Due to the special nature of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, even those from the divine land would cultivate there.

All of the famous sects in the divine land had branches built within it. Even some large cities were built by people from the divine land.

The Han Clan was no exception.

A city, which was located three hundred million miles away from the Collapsing Mountain race, occupied a teleporting area. It could be considered as one of the biggest cities in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

However, the Holy Emperor was still worried. That was why he had sent Kennan and the others to ensure the safety of the Princess Royal.

The previous encounter with the Formless Sky Python scared the hell out of Kennan.

In order to save Laquisha, they had risked everything.

Thinking about the price to pay for using the Wishing Spell, he felt quite terrified.

Making a promise meant carrying it out in this life. Failure to do so would not only result in a big loophole in their warrior spirit, but a destruction on their cultivation at a critical moment.

Given this high stake, they usually wouldn't use the Wishing Spell unless they felt irreconcilable hatred for their enemies.

But due to unavoidable circumstances, Kennan had to make a promise to the Formless Sky Python. Now he had to keep that promise, or suffer the consequences if he failed. He really didn't have much choice. He was well aware of the risks in the task they were given. If the Princess Royal really died, they would also have their heads chopped off when they returned. Getting reminded of the fear he felt with the Formless Sky Python, Kennan shook his head again. Some day in the future, he would have a chance to fulfill his promise. Until that day, he should try not to worry about it too much.

Fortunately, the Princess Royal was unharmed.

But now, as they continued, Kennan had again seen some signs of trouble, and even some signs of danger.

The Princess Royal seemed to have a favorable impression of the secondary creature!

"Danyaal, what do you think?" Kennan asked, waiting for a piece of advice.

"What do you mean?" Danyaal replied back in a puzzled tone, unable to interpret what Kennan was referring to.

"You… Forget it."

Kennan exclaimed with a sigh. He knew that his companions were planning on doing nothing about it.

They knew very well that the Princess Royal was extremely important to the Holy Emperor, but the problem was the Princess Royal had been engaged.

Thinking about it, Kennan decided to persuade the Princess Royal, but before he could, Danyaal stopped him. "Kennan, don't worry. What you think won't happen."

"But…" Kennan hesitated.

"There are some matters that the Princess Royal is unable to decide. That man is just a secondary creature, so I'm sure there is nothing to worry about. There will be people who will deal with him when we get back. You and I, as servants, can just pretend that we know nothing," Danyaal said flatly.

In the divine land,

him dressed a little strange, but from his appearance, he appeared like a human. Margaret blinked. She had seen a lot of strange-looking creatures recently.

"What's up?" she asked.

"I come here because I feel a unique aura from your body," the masked martial artist answered, letting out a dry laugh.

Margaret glared at him, her face revealing a hint of vigilance. Other than the Illusion Battlefield, she had never cultivated alone, so she was clueless on dealing with such a situation. However, she was not stupid. She decided not to provoke anyone with unknown origins. Turning to look at another direction, she decided to just let it be.

Just as she was about to leave, the masked martial artist had flashed to her front, blocking her path.

"What do you want?" Margaret reproached coldly. She bet this man would not dare to make a move in this city. Partly, that made her feel hopeful.

"You're quite vigilant. Do you know what this is?" Four sword images slowly appeared on the masked warrior's back. Then, the four swords suddenly moved and formed an unique array.

Seeing the way the four swords were arranged, Margaret was taken aback. Although this was merely the first movement of the sword array, her familiarity was aroused.

"It's God Slaughtering Array. Who are you?"

All the Godly Geniuses, including Xenia, Kurt and Lucille, were cultivating in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, striving to make a breakthrough the soonest time possible.

All of them had their own fortuitous encounters and dangers.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

Now, Zen had completely adapted to the gravitational force of the Collapsing Mountain race, as if it didn't exist at all.

"When my brother entered the Collapsing Mountain race, he took a year and a half to be able to move freely."

Impressed, Laquisha thought it was incredible. Kennan and the rest were equally surprised. They found it hard to believe that a secondary creature like Zen could completely adapt to the gravitational force in just half a year without relying on any external force.

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