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   Chapter 1838 Refusing Kennan's Food (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-01 00:22

Laquisha was extremely intelligent. She quickly guessed what Kennan was thinking and coldly said, "Kennan, I'll make sure you will result to nothing if you take me away by force! And I mean it!"

"This... Your Highness, please do not make things difficult for me," Kennan said as he cupped his hands.

"It's you who are making things difficult for me! Remember, in the end, I am still the master and you are still a servant!" Laquisha shot back. She was truly afraid that Kennan would suddenly do something to seal her six senses and take her away by force. In that way, she wouldn't be able to resist at all.

Hesitation dawned on Kennan and the other world lords behind him at Laquisha's words. As servants, they had relied on the Han Clan's power to become what they were today. However, they would encounter this kind of dilemma too many times.

When Laquisha saw Kennan's conflicted expression, she smiled slightly and said, "Don't be so conflicted, Kennan. Believe me this time. I'm sure my hunch is right now!"

In turn, Kennan hesitated for a moment before he took out a few more purple trial tallies. "Since Your Highness wants to mess around like this, we have no other choice…" he said with a deep sigh.

There would be dire consequences if they went back without the Princess Royal. However, since she was determined to stay and follow Zen, they had to stay and accompany her, too. Thus, they had to waste of a few purple trial tallies.

Meanwhile, Zen didn't involve himself in the dispute since it didn't have to do much with him.

Laquisha had used the strange powerful flame to help Zen to refine his body, and Zen had agreed to help her in return. He would take her to t

He didn't believe that Laquisha could resist the hunger under the influence of the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance. Even he himself couldn't resist it, so let alone the Princess Royal.

"I will not eat it! You just have to take care of yourselves and leave me alone!" Laquisha ordered coldly. Not too far away, the martial artists who lay on the ground began to cry as they heard her words.

They had dreamed of having a bite of some food for far too long. How could the woman waste such delicious food!

Kennan was confused, but the Princess Royal insisted on not eating. They had no choice but to retreat. They were even more confused at the moment. Could it be that the Princess Royal was really able to withstand the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance?

Not long after, Kennan saw Zen slowly moved over from the bonfire and took out chunks of meat, tore them into pieces, and fed them to the Princess Royal. Only then did Kennan realize why the Princess Royal had refused to take the food brought to her by him and other warriors.

When Kennan's eyes landed on the Princess Royal's smiling face, he felt even more conflicted.

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