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   Chapter 1837 Refusing Kennan's Food (Part One)

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Since Kennan had found Laquisha, he would simply take her away.

However, Laquisha refused to leave with him. Kennan soon found out that the crux of the problem came from Zen. It was obvious that the Princess Royal still believed that flower vendor and thought that Zen could take her to the Soul Suppressing Cliff.

"Friend, I'm afraid that I'll have to ask you to go with us this time," Kennan said as he stared indifferently at Zen.

Last time, Kennan had gotten too close to death because of the Formless Sky Python. His Wishing Spell hadn't been unlocked yet, until now.

While it was true that the Wishing Spell could greatly increase his strength in a short period of time, he would have to realize the wish he had made if he used the technique. It also meant that if he couldn't kill the Formless Sky Python, then he'd be unable to use the Wishing Spell again. Moreover, he would have a flaw if he didn't realize his wish, which could be detrimental to him in the future.

Zen had only wanted to protect himself on that day, so he had kidnapped the Princess Royal and fled all the way to the Collapsing Mountain race. Kennan and the warriors with him naturally didn't know what to think of Zen--but now that they had found the Princess Royal, they would bring him back, too.

An authoritative air enveloped Kennan as he spoke to Zen.

"Why should I go back with you?" Zen asked with a faint smile. He had just got a firm foothold in the Collapsing Mountain race. There was no way he'd leave so easily.

Besides, Kennan wasn't Laquisha who actually had something to ask of him. Thus, he coldly shot back, "I'm afraid it isn't up for you to decide. Danyaal, Douglas, take him away!"

In his opinion, a secondary creature at the Spirit Supreme Realm was

nter a sacred place for trial such as the Collapsing Mountain race. Not to mention, Zen was only at the Spirit Supreme Realm. It was all thanks to the Princess Royal that he was able to enter this place.

Was this man really that important to the Collapsing Mountain race?

Kennan found it truly hard to believe what the old man had said.

Although the members of the Collapsing Mountain race had always been unreasonable, they had one great merit—they never lied.

If they said that Zen was important to them, then it must be true.

Therefore, Kennan found himself in a difficult situation. The Princess Royal must be brought back, or else Kennan wouldn't be able to bear the wrath of the Holy Emperor.

Then again, it would be hard for them to convince the Princess Royal to go with them if they chose not to take Zen away. She was too stubborn.

Since she refused to go obediently with them, Kennan had no choice but to use force. Kennan turned his head and met Laquisha's eyes. The Holy Emperor had instructed them that if the Princess Royal became too rebellious, they could forcefully bring her back for her safety. After all, her safety was the first priority.

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