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   Chapter 1836 Growth

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The Collapsing Mountain warriors were famous for being bold and generous. Chapman's heart ached, but he couldn't utter a word.

All he could do was watch as Zen emptied his wineskin. After holding it in for a long while, he finally said with a smile, "Good… good alcohol capacity…"

Meanwhile, the other Collapsing Mountain warriors had expressions that made it clear how they wanted to swallow Zen whole.

Now, Zen's pupils were completely red. He could feel countless spikes crazily circulating within his body, stimulating every nerve.

Under such stimulation, his body underwent a miraculous transformation.

In truth, after one entered the Collapsing Mountain race, the pressure from the gravitational force was already a form of cultivation.

So when a martial artist first refined their body, they would choose to cultivate under the waterfall. When the water washed over them, they'd feel pressure on their body and resist it, strengthening themselves.

In other words, after one entered the Collapsing Mountain race, the cultivation had already begun.

The Collapsing Mountain warriors ate precious birds and strange beasts. Although they weren't converted into pills, they weren't to be underestimated.

The Sinful Dragon's heart was originally very rare. Even ordinary Collapsing Mountain warriors weren't fortunate enough to get a taste. Now that Zen had eaten it, he gained a great benefit.

After the meat and wine were finished, Zen's gaze turned calm.

"What do you want me to do?"

Zen was no fool. How couldn't he see that ordinary people would never get such treatment?

The Collapsing Mountain warrior must have needed him for something.

Otherwise, why would he be treated to meat and wine?

According to Zen's judgment, the problem lay in his physical body—it might have even been related to his somehow fire-resistant figure. Otherwise, they wouldn't have thrown him into the bonfire.

It was true that Chapman felt sorry for his strong wine, but since Zen had already drunk it, there wasn't anything to do. In fact, seeing how the kid wanted to get straight to the point, he rather admired him.

"I want you to get something for me," Chapman said rather bluntly.

"Let me guess," Zen smiled faintly. "That something is hidden within some kind of strange fire—a fire so powerful that none of you can reach within it, right?"

"Yes, that is so." Chapman didn't bother denying.

"But I am not strong enough."

And Zen was telling the truth. The person before him was able to face a Supreme Lord. Although Zen didn't fear any fire, he didn't think what the warrior was entrusting to him was as simple as grabbing something from within the flames. Zen was only at the Spirit Supreme Realm, after all.

Zen's response made Chapman chuckle. "Our Collapsing Mountain race is where the strength source is located. With your talent, there shouldn't be a problem."

The Collapsing Mountain warriors didn't resist outsiders, but it wasn't exac

r strength increased, but their bodies couldn't bear the power.

But the toughness of Zen's body was no longer what it used to be.

After half a month had passed, Zen could feel his strength rise continuously. Now, he could move slowly along the ground.

Still, this wasn't exactly something to be proud of. The children of the Collapsing Mountain race could run all over the place. Even though he was a Godly Genius, he could only take feeble steps like a dying old man. If he didn't take the utmost care when he walked, he would lose his balance and fall to the ground.

But at this growth rate, it wouldn't be long before Zen could move freely.

Just that day, there were a few more people arriving at the Collapsing Mountain race. All of them were world lords. Zen had even met their leader before. He was none other than Kennan He, Laquisha's follower.

They were chased by the Formless Sky Python that day. Thanks to Kenna He, who held the python's one head to stop it, they managed to run away. But they had no clue whether or not the two world lords were still alive.

When these world lords entered the Collapsing Mountain race, they didn't seem like normal fighters who couldn't get up from the ground. After all, their cultivation and strength were by no means ordinary and they were strong enough to resist the gravitational force. Still, they couldn't walk freely as they wanted.

"Princess Royal!"

Seeing that Laquisha was safe and sound, Kennan He finally felt at ease.

During this time, he had searched almost every inch of the surrounding area, afraid that Laquisha would be swallowed up by the Formless Sky Python. He was excited the moment he saw her. Never did he expect her to actually enter the Collapsing Mountain race's territory to seek refuge.

While Kennan He looked agitated, Laquisha wore an indifferent expression. She had been hoping that he would find the place quickly and take her away as soon as possible. But now, she had no desire to go.

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