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   Chapter 1835 The Heart Of The Sinful Dragon

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The Calamity Dispelling Wood burned with extraordinary flames, but none of it harmed Zen in any way.

However, the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance caused him to feel rather stifled when his entire body fell into the fire.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The dry tree trunks continued to collapse as they burned, burying Zen underneath the glowing charcoals.

Many of the Collapsing Mountain warriors gathered around the bonfire and observed Zen carefully.

It was obvious that they were already aware of Zen's resistance to fire and were currently using him for this experiment.

Three minutes later, someone bent down and removed the charcoals that had previously buried Zen. Seeing that the young man was unharmed, they pulled him out and threw him carelessly to the side.



There was a discussion amongst all of them in their own language.

After a few collective nods and final-sounding words, the Collapsing Mountain race seemed to have come to a conclusion and dispersed.

Zen noticed a few warriors from other races mixed in with the Collapsing Mountain race. He even saw an ogre.

At the same time, the warriors on the square seemed to be divided into different grades.

The bonfires were set up based on the distribution of the blood grooves. Warriors of the Collapsing Mountain race gathered around the bonfire in the center while those from the other races gathered around the ones in the periphery.

A few warriors of other races could enter the inner circle, but they were generally stronger and were all world lords.

Meanwhile, Zen had been thrown into the bonfire right in the middle of the square.


ordered a well-built Collapsing Mountain warrior.

Sitting up on his own was a tad bit difficult for Zen due to the overwhelming gravitational pull.

His body had been refined successfully, and his strength and endurance had been greatly enhanced, but it still took him a great deal of effort to do as he was told. After borrowing the power of the dragon scales, Zen managed to pull himself up. He did not dare move the slightest once he was upright since any sort of movement would bring him back down again.

The Collapsing Mountain warrior who ordered him to sit up had thick fur on his chest and wore a golden shoulder guard. On that shoulder guard was an exquisitely carved wolf head. The wolf head had three, sharp thorns on its head. Zen couldn't figure out what kind of wolf it was.

The warrior sat down and faced Zen.

Clap! Clap!

Upon clapping his hands, two other warriors brought him a huge plat

Mountain warriors quietly stared at Zen as he emptied out the wineskin.

The person across him was actually their new leader, Chapman Lei.

These warriors were all addicted to alcohol and they drank wine like water. Foreign warriors who stayed in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land long enough would often exchange good wine for trial tallies with the Collapsing Mountain warriors.

Over the years, the Collapsing Mountain warriors themselves mastered all sorts of strange methods for winemaking. They used water from the Nether Cold Fountain to make Frosty Wine, which was like white frost that froze the immediate vicinity. They also used the Flame Serpent Fruit to make Flame Wine that, once ignited, could burn for ten years.

However, the most precious was the Soul-enchanting Wine in Chapman Lei's wineskin. According to rumors, the winemaking method for it had been given to him by a person from the divine land as a gift. The brewing process combined the blood of various, powerful beasts.

The intensity of this wine was beyond imagination.

This was not wine at all, but the most violent poison.

If a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior took one sip of this wine, they would have to go all out in refining it. Otherwise, they would end up burning from the inside out.

That was just one sip!

Even Chapman Lei himself only dared to drink one gulp a day.

The wine was extremely strong and it was also made from the blood of various beasts. It was held as an extremely precious item for the Collapsing Mountain race that even the members rarely got the chance to drink it.

So Zen drinking it with such tenacity made Chapman Lei feel a great deal of heartbreak and also a tinge of amazement.

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