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   Chapter 1833 Absorbing The Preternatural Flame

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"There is a condition. You have to take me to the Soul Suppressing Cliff!"

Laquisha never thought that she would ever need to exchange conditions with people.

It didn't help that the one she was negotiating with was a secondary creature - what they usually called creatures like Zen in the divine land.

The world that the Holy Being built was gigantic and had the capacity to produce True Gods, however, those who lived in the inner world had to rely on the rules set by the Holy Being to survive.

Anyone who dared to leave the inner world inside the Holy Being's body would turn into life vitality and dissipate.

Lower-ranked living beings were addressed as secondary creatures. It wasn't a term of degradation but a fact-based description.

There were still weaker living beings that existed in the divine land who were no match for secondary creatures, but these living beings would not turn into life vitality and dissipate.

"What kind of place is the Soul Suppressing Cliff? It sounds pretty important." Zen asked.

The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was understandably something Zen didn't know much of so Laquisha could only explain it to him patiently.

The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was a place where warriors could practice their skills and hone their strength.

Those who came from the divine land, as well as the elite warriors of the universes, were all qualified to practice here.

All sorts of practice places abounded in the land as well as many teleporting areas.

After being sent to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Margaret, Rocher, and the others remained in the teleporting areas since there were more than enough training places for them to cultivate in.

As their strength gradually increased, they were given even more freedom to go to other cultivation spots where they could improve themselves. If they got strong enough, they would then be able to enter the six great trial places!

The Collapsing Mountain race was a sacred place for body refinement.

Aside from that place, there was also the Kaleidoscope race's Wind Exterminating Valley, the Harmony race's Mind Refining Tower, and the Skyland race's Pristine Life Vitality and so on.

To enter these places, one would need the highest grade of trial tally. Thousands upon thousands of warriors in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land worked hard to earn their trial tallies.

"Since you have the trial tally, why don't you go to the Soul Suppressing Cliff yourself?" Zen asked.

"The Soul Suppressing Cliff... It's not a sacred place for trial. It is the core of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land which makes it far superior to the other six great sacred places," Laquisha answered.

The six great sacred places for training were the sites warriors mostly yearned for. It was usually their ultimate goal to be able to

ss preternatural flame on her body would always signal the beginning of a nightmare. She never expected that there would be someone who would come along and see this preternatural flame as a source of energy.


The blue flame surged forth and spread towards Zen.

It quickly engulfed his body in a pinch.

"What's going on?"

"What has happened to that kid?"

Some of the warriors were attracted by the commotion and had different expressions on their faces.

Golden runes started to appear all over Zen's body and greedily absorbed the flame.

Laquisha's and Zen's entwined hands served as the bridge that transmitted the flame between them. The blue flame followed the bridge and burned endlessly, then it was continuously absorbed by the golden runes that were spinning.

This nameless flame couldn't even be fully controlled by Laquisha after she came of age, so there was no way she would be able to stop it.

Her beautiful eyes shone with a faint blue light as the blue flame continued to burn.

"Zen... Are you okay?" Zen remained motionless during the entire ordeal so she couldn't help but feel a little worried.

"I'm fine," Zen answered.

"Can you absorb more?"



An intense pillar of flame shot out dozens of feet into the sky!

This pillar immediately attracted many children of the Collapsing Mountain race. The members of the Collapsing Mountain race were extremely powerful, brave, and fearless. They were born fighters, but that did not mean that they were reckless. Otherwise, the Collapsing Mountain race would not have become one of the six sacred places for cultivation with such an extreme environment.

The sight made them extremely curious but none of them were stupid enough to rush in and approach this strange sight.

One of the children turned around and ran away, screaming loudly for the leaders of the race.

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