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   Chapter 1832 Cultivation With Concentration

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As expected, no one could escape the effects of the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance and food. The bodies of many martial artists trembled as they struggled with much resistance.

They were all trying to get up desperately.

Keeping their goals in mind, they followed their instincts and outdid their selves.

Though time didn't seem noticeable due to unchanging seasons, they knew that a lot of days had already been wasted. They had been lying here for years. Every day, they were baptized by the songs of the Collapsing Mountain race, allowing them to gain a bit of their strength each time. However, the same worked as a daily torture, forcing them to train instinctively, urging them to try getting up and enjoy that delicious food.

It might appear as barbaric, but this unique training method seemed to work as an effective stimulus.

"I want it too..."

Struggling to get up, another martial artist tried propping himself up from the ground. Being a top-level Spirit Transformation Realm martial artist, he was known to follow the path of body refinement, making him a lot stronger than Zen. This person was relying solely on his own strength to rise.

Although he was able to crawl up, he could barely move another muscle afterwards. His feet seemed to stick to the ground, making it extremely difficult for him to even move a single step. The man continued to shuffle, staggering like he was drunk, but he did manage to walk.

It was rare to see anyone getting up and standing amidst this pool of warriors lying on the ground. Their expressions revealed extreme resentment as their eyes failed to hide their envy.

Under such circumstances, it was very difficult for anyone to maintain their true nature.

Holding his stomach, Zen swallowed as he felt the rumbling sound from within. The truth was, he was unable to bear the hunger.

The wine jars were impossible to miss, standing as tall as a person. As soon as they were opened, a strong aroma wafted out from them.

Ordinary wines never enticed the warriors at all. However, the strong wines of the Collapsing Mountain race were not some typical wines. They were made from the bones of all kinds of ferocious beasts, making a wild and primal scent combination, which was quite tempting.

With the aromas of roast meat and wines, as well as the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance, everyone's mouth ended up all watery.

"I... I will give it a try as well!"

Zen declared, releasing the power of the dragon scales again.

He felt rather regretful now. The second time he joined the Celestial Position race, the clansmen had collected quite a number of weapons, enough for him to light up a lot of dragon scales. But in the end, he decided to accumulate enough heavenly essence, helping the nine dragons refine their Heavenly Bodies.

If it wasn't for that, Zen would've had more power of the dragon scales to borrow and use.

He tried to concentrate, focusing his mind on his goal. Taking a deep breath and using all his strength, Zen crawled up with great difficulty. Pressing both his hands on the ground, he lifted his body up.

Although he could temporarily resist the gravitational force, the rate at wh

eave the Collapsing Mountain alone. With Zen being the most important figure, she would need to go out with him at all costs.

Zen shook his head. "You pick the wrong person. I have no idea where the Soul Suppressing Cliff is. How am I supposed to bring you there?"

Hearing what he said, Laquisha glared resentfully at Zen, but decided to keep quiet.

Thinking about it, Laquisha wasn't so worried at all. Zen did not know why she needed to go to the Soul Suppressing Cliff. If Kennan and the others were still alive, they would find her sooner or later. Until that time, she would think of other ways to persuade Zen. If worse came to worst, she would take Zen away by force.

The next day went by in a flash, and the same routine repeated at night, which was another ordeal for the martial artists.

Despite the torture, the gravitational force there was of great benefit to Zen.

As the gravity continued to exert force onto his body, it continuously formed the primordial energy. And on the second day, under the baptism of the Collapsing Mountain race's songs, the primordial energy flowed evenly through his body.

The only problem was that, even with this flow of energy, his divine weapon body had not been further strengthened to the next level.

Last time he swallowed Laquisha's flames. Maybe the flames he swallowed weren't enough, or the primordial energy within his body wasn't enough, or maybe it was the combination of both.

"Can you condense your flames again?" He requested Laquisha.

They had been there for a week now, and Zen felt that he had accumulated enough primordial energy to handle her flames.

If his physical body improved once again, it would benefit him more.

On the other hand, Laquisha already noticed the special features of Zen's body. He was not afraid of the preternatural flames in her body, and the countless tiny runes on his body could constantly absorb her flames. Somehow, he must have cultivated a technique that required him to swallow these preternatural flames.

He needed her help now.

Narrowing her eyes, she answered with a smile, "My pleasure!"

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