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   Chapter 1831 The Temptation (Part Two)

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A martial artist entering the Calamity Dispelling Forest would just as much end up giving into their most basic desires. Anyone breathing the oxygen provided by these trees would fold beneath the pressure of temptation in no time. All desires were pushed to their extremes, even the most insignificant. After the desires to eat, to love and to possess had been magnified countless times, people would act like the beasts.

"They light these bonfires and eat heartily here every day. These people, who have stayed here for a long time, also know that it is time for the members of the Collapsing Mountain race to eat, so they stimulate their appetite," Laquisha explained calmly.

Zen nodded. "There's no wonder their eyes lit up the way they did when they saw that piece of meat earlier. How long have they endured this? Years and years at the very least..."

Anyone who was tied up, cuffed and forced to look at delicious food that they could not consume every day would go insane. Sure, the warriors were strong willed but this torture was on another level. The Calamity Dispelling Fragrance in the air disturbed their levels and notions of desire, making self-control impossible.

As Zen spoke, his gaze fell on Laquisha.

Although he'd spoken to her in the past, he hadn't paid much attention to this woman before. Now, he could do nothing but take notice. His eyes looked her up and down, drinking in the beauty he had never noticed before.

Laquisha was also a rare fairy-like figure with the typical neat and tidy hair. She also had a delicate, beautiful face. She wore a simple dress with a dark pattern on it, and was wrapped in a long elegant robe. Although she was lying on the ground, her exquisite and curvaceous figure suddenly appeared utterly attractive.

"Stop looking at me!"

Laquisha squealed, as she glared at Zen with a warning in her big, pretty eyes.

Caught off guard and snapped out of his thoughts, Zen held his breath and turned his head slowly in order to face the other direction. Although he couldn't see her straight on, his peripheral vision still caught glimpses of her.

The Calamity Dispelling Fragrance had the power to arouse a person's appetite of course, but it had this same effect on most any desire. Under regular circumstances, only male martial artists would refine their bodies. Because none of these male martial artists had sexual desires for each other before, their desires were thus

n and the warriors, but it also had effect on the members of the Collapsing Mountain race. Their desires and needs were multiplied, too.

It was obvious that an adult member of the Collapsing Mountain race could swallow enough meat to fill an entire house! Without the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance, anyone would burst before consuming that much food.

"I... I just want to eat..."

Zen was beginning to lose himself in his thoughts when suddenly, he noticed a martial artist squirming and struggling on the ground. What was going on? The warrior suddenly stood up.

As he did so, two terribly crisp sounds rang through the air, one after the other. Those weren't expecting it covered their ears in surprise.

Crack, crack!

Zen watched as the warrior's legs began to twist at absurd angles. No bones could fold this way. The warrior's legs were broken in several places, shards of bone pressing against his skin, threatening to pierce it at any given moment.

When the martial artist erupted with his full strength, he might have held a chance at temporarily escaping the powerful attraction force. Although his mind might have had the will, his body was not capable of withstanding such vicious strength. The martial artist collapsed to the ground, breaking beneath the interaction between his own powers and that of the attraction force.

And at that, Zen finally sighed with emotion. Here, in this world, there was no such thing as a free lunch. Sure, it might be wise to raise one's strength in this Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, but one would also have to experience the most brutal oppression and torture.

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