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   Chapter 1830 The Temptation (Part One)

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When these vicious beasts roamed this world, they were rightfully considered the overlords of the region. They ruled everything and were at the very top of the food chain. A few of them, even if only a handful, could actually take on human form. Their power was truly undeniable.

The warriors in this place though, despite the overruling strength of the vicious beasts, were even more powerful than they were. Here, they were reduced into food for the Collapsing Mountain members.

A bloody horror show had begun in the center of the space—an area no more than ten thousand feet wide. Together, the members of the Collapsing Mountain race formed an irregular shaped circle around the mass of dead bodies. A beastly demolition, one might say.

Only certain members of the Collapsing Mountain race were deemed with the responsibility for dismantling the beasts and they effected their work with great skill and precision. The beasts were picked apart one by one, the race members working like a team. It wasn't long before entire flaps of skin were being peeled back, a ripping sound resonating against the walls of the confined area. Blood soaked the ground, creating dark red almost black puddles at their feet. The beasts were dismembered, their flesh cut clean, their bones removed and their tendons torn.

For an onlooker, the scene was extremely traumatic and sickening. Disgusting, even. However, these beasts were comparable to a world lord and every part of their bodies was extremely valuable, to say the least! With careful and quick work of their weapons, the Collapsing Mountain members dismembered the beasts in no time.

Once all the beasts were taken apart, the working members took a step back. A strong stench of blood suddenly hit them. There was so much blood and the smell was so strong.

With a quick glance around the space, it was clear that the martial artists and the children were used to the scene and the stench. The martial artist staying next to Zen appeared to be feeling particularly uncomfortable. His breathing seemed labored and he clenched his chest with his hand, his facial expression distorted.

The other martial artists were in a similar state: they gasped for air while lying on the ground with their eyes closed. Of course, from their angle, they couldn't see all of what was really going on. Z

, his eyes darting from one martial artist to another.

Laquisha was lying on the ground, but upon hearing Zen's words, she said, "That is the Calamity Dispelling Wood, and the fragrance it emits is the Calamity Dispelling Fragrance which can activate the most primitive and original appetite of all living beings. This kind of wood is a special product of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land."

To the north of the Collapsing Mountain race, there was an immense, lush forest known as the Calamity Dispelling Forest. Most of the trees in the forest were tens of thousands of feet high. The forest covered several acres and the trees were so thick with foliage that one couldn't see the sky above them when walking through it.

Here, the Calamity Dispelling Trees emitted the faint fragrance all the time. No need to burn their wood.

In the Calamity Dispelling Forest, all living beings' desires were magnified countless times over. These creatures' instincts were also stimulated to their absolute limit.

From small reptiles and ants to big birds, from low-level creatures to top of the food chain beasts, their sensations were amplified and their strongest desires were aroused. They crazily devoured one another and killed each other. At the same time, they copulated frantically and continued the cycle with their offspring.

It was a hell on earth for those who lived here and coupled here and for the young that were raised here. On the other hand though, this frantic breeding ground was a living paradise for the growth of any vicious beast.

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