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   Chapter 1829 Means

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The Collapsing Mountain race seemed to be very primitive. Their social structure was still dependent on the authority of ancient clans.

However, there were still many mysteries hidden within just awaiting discovery!

It could even be said that they were cultivating with every move!

For instance, the women of the Collapsing Mountain race would be pregnant for 30 years. During these 30 years, their babies would be baptized by the tribe's singing every day. They would passively undergo body refining before they were born!

During the process of body tempering, the fetus would gradually adapt to the gravitational force, and after it was born, it would have immense strength.

Thus, when a baby from the Collapsing Mountain race was born, it would already be able to crawl across the ground …

As for the Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists present, they couldn't lift a finger. They weren't even comparable to an infant from the Collapsing Mountain race.

This was why the Collapsing Mountain race took the trial tallies and dumped these martial artists here like trash. The Collapsing Mountain race worshiped powerhouses, but these fellows couldn't even compare to the little babies of their race, so they didn't give a damn about them. They deserved to take the Collapsing Mountain race's trials, but only if they were able to stand up one day.

The song of the Collapsing Mountain race lasted for a full two hours!

Every day after dawn, they would howl like this for two hours. The Collapsing Mountain members actually had the strength to do so.

This Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was filled with all sorts of strange things. Singing was originally a method of body tempering for this race, so it was considered normal.

This strange ballad gave rise to a subtle vibration. It felt like countless small hammers, constantly hammering around Zen's body. He could feel the omnidirectional hammering beginning on the outside and working its way to the inside, slowly immersing itself in his body.

Zen finally understood that this flesh refining method was similar to the principle of the Grand Weapon Refining Method that he practiced himself!

However, the Grand Weapon Refining Method was intended to transform a person into a weapon and then make them undergo training. The purpose of the Collapsing Mountain race's method was to directly beat up their body …

If Zen hadn't undergone the training to turn his body into a weapon, he definitely wouldn't have been able to withstand that kind of beating. His injuries would have become increasingly severe, and ordinary people naturally would not have access to his training.

However, the power of vibration within this song was relatively mild. Under the resonance of this song and the powerful gravitational force here, the benefits for a body refiner were obvious.

Listening to the song for a single day would cause the listeners' vital energy and blood to flow more rapidly and their flesh to tighten. If they continued to listen to it for a year, five years, or ten years, the ef

lying here weren't qualified. The benefits of the meat pieces were obvious; naturally, some people would try to use their brains to get them.

In truth, this Uncle Toad had only been with the tribe for a short period of time. It was only because he had eaten these pieces of meat that he was able to get up. So, clearly, this meat possessed a magical power.

Maybe this scheme had been in his mind even before he had entered the Collapsing Mountain race!

'He is clever, ' Zen couldn't help but sigh.

The children took out pieces of their own meat and fed them to Uncle Toad. After that, they left satisfied after Uncle Toad told them how to repair the wooden oxen.

Before the children left, there were also other practitioners lying on the ground trying to "steal business for themselves."

"I know how to fix that wooden ox too …"

"I can tell you a story. Do you want to hear it?"

"I can teach you guys how to make wooden birds. It's fun."

However, almost all of the children's interest was focused on the wooden ox. The other martial artists' attempted 'seduction' rarely proved effective, and the children soon disappeared without a trace. The group of warriors could not get up, and could only look helplessly at the backs of the group of swiftly vanishing children.

Zen wasn't one of them.

Since he had unintentionally entered the Collapsing Mountain race, it could be said that it was fate. According to what he had heard, this trial tally was extremely rare. Since he had come in here with her for free, naturally, he would seize this opportunity to fully refine his body!

The day passed quickly, and by nightfall, the Collapsing Mountain race members had all returned to their tribe.

Each of them was carrying a colossus on their shoulders. That was their reward for a day of hard work.

There were single-horned bulls the size of a small mountain, red blood eagles with a wingspan of over a thousand feet, and heterogenetic porcupines covered with golden spikes.

The abundance of prey left Zen dumbstruck.

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