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   Chapter 1828 Lying On The Ground

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The members of the Collapsing Mountain race carried Zen and Laquisha as they moved forward, and they eventually reached a large encampment. As these two individuals chatted along the way, Zen and Laquisha gained a basic understanding of each other.

The buildings of the encampment looked very primitive and seemed that they were made of the same kind of silver stones. The buildings' surfaces were embellished with different patterns, and although they looked rough, they seemed to be heavy and sturdy.

After the Collapsing Mountain members entered the encampment, they threw Zen and Laquisha down into a corner and left.

The height of the Collapsing Mountain member's shoulders was less than ten feet, but when he slammed Zen and Laquisha down on the ground, the two of them let out muffled groans.

Due to the effect of the strong gravitational force, the power behind the impact shouldn't be underestimated.

Zen still felt alright. It was as if his internal organs were in turmoil, but he quickly returned to normal.

Laquisha, on the other hand, did not do too well. Her cultivation level was higher than Zen's, but she was still a woman and didn't pay particular attention to body refinement. The Collapsing Mountain member did not show her the slightest bit of mercy. After being thrown violently on the ground, she suffered an internal injury and a bit of blood dripped out of the corner of her mouth.

"Are you alright?" Zen asked.

"Hmm..." Laquisha was devastated. This kind of injury was nothing to her, but this kind of treatment was a bit of a blow to her.

After being thrown onto the ground, the two of them were immobilized and could not get up from the ground. The strong gravitational force was almost everywhere. It felt like there were dozens of mountains on top of them. How difficult was it for them to get up?

Zen could only activate the power of the dragon scales. The force of gravity here was much stronger than that on the huge silver boulder. Even though he already borrowed the power of the dragon scales, he still wasn't able to stand up. Finally, he rolled and sat up.

He couldn't see anything while he had been lying on the ground.

After he managed to sit up, he leaned on the wall beside him. Only then did he notice that there were a lot of other martial artists in that place, aside from him and Laquisha.


The martial artists had strange appearances—some had green skin, some looked like dwarves, and some were also very handsome. However, all of the martial artists here were humanoid in form.

Why were most intelligent beings shaped similar to humans?

Zen had thought about this long ago. Whether it was the Sacred race, human race, Demon Night race, or even ogres, the various races all developed their own culture and influence. Their common characteristic was that they were all bipedal. Their body shapes and appearances were different from each other, but the internal structures of their bodies were similar. The Demon Night members only had long and sharp ears, while the ogres looked fiercer.


Zen were still lying motionless on the ground like corpses.

Zen couldn't help but feel sorry for them as he thought about how hard it would be to remain in this position for ten years without being able to move a single muscle.

Suddenly, a roar came from the Collapsing Mountain race.


One of the Collapsing Mountain members stood at the peak and began roaring towards the sky with all his might.

At the same time, all of the other Collapsing Mountain members answered that person's roar, and they began to shout and sing.

Zen didn't understand the song at all. They sang in the language of the Collapsing Mountain race and didn't really follow the rules of music. But beneath their rough and orderly voices, he sensed an extraordinary strength and a unique rhythm.

"What did they sing?" Zen asked.

Laquisha curled her lips. "Listen carefully. It's good for you. If you can stand up, you can carry me on your back and leave this place."

She had no plan to refine her body and definitely didn't want to lie here for ten years. After only a few hours of lying on the ground, she was already quite crestfallen. If she really lay here without moving, ten years of her life would definitely have been wasted.

Laquisha thought it over for a few hours and realized that Zen was her only hope.

This guy had just entered this territory and was already able to use his own strength to sit up. She naturally hoped that he could quickly adapt to the gravity here.

"The song is good for me? How?" Zen had a look of confusion on his face for a short while, but soon felt something strange happen within his body.

These sounds contained an unusual vibration, and the continuous roaring had resonated with Zen's body.

With this resonance, the blood flow throughout Zen's body suddenly surged, and his heart rate also began to increase. As he looked at the other martial artists, all of them were flushed red.

This Collapsing Mountain race was extremely unique. They were able to refine their bodies just by singing a song?

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