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   Chapter 1827 The Collapsing Mountain Warriors

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Zen's eyes practically popped out of their sockets as the colossal body of the Formless Sky Python smashed to the other side, creating a deep hole in the ground.

He hadn't expected this at all.

Were the aboriginals of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land really this powerful?

The Formless Sky Python was easily on the same level as a Genuine Dragon.

Nevertheless, the power the three people released had directly knocked down the Formless Sky Python.


The Formless Sky Python wailed. It wriggled twice in an attempt to right its position. The woman was prey and it wasn't about to let its meal go just like that.

Just as it was to get up, the three Collapsing Mountain members went for the python and threw themselves into its vital point.

They were relatively large and sturdy, standing at nearly ten feet and as bulky as ogres, but next to the Formless Sky Python, the three were comparable to grains of sand.



At the impact of the three's attack, the Formless Sky Python once again crashed into the ground.

With another howl, it twisted its body in frustration. It didn't dare disobey the Collapsing Mountain warriors any longer and with a loud rumbling sound, it drilled head-first into the ground.

Just before it completely disappeared, however, the head on the tip of its tail narrowed it eyes and roared at the princess.

Seeing the group of three closing in on it again, it quickly followed the rest of its body and disappeared.

Zen watched the Formless Sky Python leave and asked the princess, "That thing seems to hold a very deep grudge against you. Why does it want to eat you so bad? What did you do to offend it?"

From the very beginning, the thing had chased after the woman beside him. Was the princess's flesh really more delicious than the others'? Was she really that appetizing to the Formless Sky Python?

"I did not do anything!" the princess scowled.

"If you didn't offend it, then why was it hell-bent on eating you?" Zen wondered out loud.

The princess pursed her lips. It was obvious she didn't want to tell Zen the truth, so he didn't pursue the topic any further. The warriors of the Collapsing Mountain race then approached.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

About thirteen warriors stood in front of Zen.

One by one, they went airborne and landed on silver boulders. Some of them stood on top of the boulders while others hung upside down, all of them attracted to the boulders like iron to a magnet.

One of the three warriors who fought off the Formless Sky Python landed on the same boulder Zen and the princess were on.

ing Mountain warriors sped through the air.

However, as the warriors continued to go deeper, more and more silver boulders appeared. Zen watched as the boulders transformed into the earth's foundation.

And with this transformation, the attraction force became greater the deeper they went.

The two of them could only stare at each other and hold on tighter as the Collapsing Mountain warrior picked up speed.

"Oh, I just remembered," the princess smiled after a while. "I haven't gotten your name yet."

Deep inside, she felt increasingly uncomfortable as the pull of gravity became heavier. Her position on the Collapsing Mountain warrior's back didn't help too.

"Zen Luo," Zen answered truthfully.

This was the first time Zen visited the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. There was no need to lie about his name.

"I'm Laquisha Han," she offered with a little smile.

Zen, however, was not in the mood to talk. He was too concerned about what they were going to face next.

On the other hand, Laquisha Han couldn't seem to stop talking. She kept asking him questions such as why he was able to absorb her flames and not get burnt and what universe he came from.

At her last question, Zen shook his head. "I don't know which universe it is."

It was true. Living beings in a certain universe supposedly couldn't leave the universe they were in to go to another universe. That was how it had always been. But this was not applied to mighty warriors.

"How can that be?" Laquisha Han frowned. As someone of her status, she was able to see problems within the divine land and it was only natural that she would know much more than Zen. This time, however, she was the one who was unable to understand what was going on.

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